Sunday, July 3, 2011

36 Hours

36 Hours from now Kennedy will be in surgery.  I'm not sure who is taking this harder or who has cried more today.  There's one thing for sure.  It's not Kennedy.  She is blissfully unaware of what is ahead of her.  Unfortunately for Marlon and I, the reality is upon us.  The day we have been dreading since the day Kennedy was born.  The day that we couldn't think about because it was so far away.  Now, that day is here.  Tomorrow we'll be admitted, and Tuesday morning is the hardest and longest four hours of our lives.  This is not how I wanted to spend Kennedy's first Fourth of July holiday.  Is it wrong that I considered sneaking her out to go see fireworks?  After all, we're only there for pre-op testing.  One thing is for sure.  Tuesday cannot come and go soon enough for us. 

We did have a wonderful "family weekend."  We decided that we would abandon the house (anyone know a good cleaning lady that can work wonders while we're in the hospital?)  And we decided that despite the fact that we shouldn't spend the money, we were going to eat out every single meal for the weekend.  Neither of us had the energy or desire to cook or wash dishes.  So our meals have included Thai, Salads, bagel shops, stir fry, pizza, and wings.  I went against all of my mommy beliefs on Friday night.  I decided that a small taste of ice cream was completely acceptable a few days before open heart surgery.  So, I put a tiny bit on my finger and let her taste it.

Umm...Mommy what is this and WHY is it so cold???

Wait...can you put your finger back in my mouth? Maybe it's not so bad.

Okay mom, that stuff is good.  What do you mean I only get one tiny taste?

We also went to visit both Grandmas yesterday and then we took Kennedy for her first trip to the aquarium.  She seemed to love it!  She loved looking at the big fish and turtles, and she especially loved the bright colored fish and all the colorful coral.  It was so cute to see the faces she made.  I can't wait to take her back as she gets a little bit older.  It also made me think about how much she's going to love going to places like the zoo, Disney World, and Sea World. 


  1. Jennifer I will be thinking of you on Tuesday. I am glad you had such a nice family weekend. Kennedy is so lucky to have such a great mommy.

  2. Go Miss Kennedy, you show everyone just how strong you are. Jen I will be thinking of you on Tuesday, stay strong momma!

  3. Stay strong my beautiful daughter you have a strong little girl and i am here for you. Oh and i do know a good cleaning lady that will be happy to go over and take care of things before you come home. All my love to you all.
    Love mom