Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life After Surgery

People weren't lying when they said it's like having a newborn again.  It doesn't help that Kennedy seems to be teething now!  Poor baby, just can't catch a break.  The first few days home, Kennedy was seriously off schedule.  Random naps, late bedtimes, erratic feeding schedules, but always lots of snuggles with mama.  She's still a little off track, which is why I was just putting her to bed at midnight tonight.  Bath time is HARD.  I hate having to wash her incision, and the area where the central line and chest tube were.  She hates me peeling the tape and bandaids off, and I hate it just as much.  She's also eating about 32 ounces of milk a day.  I'm so thankful for the milk supply that I have.  Despite her increase, I'm still able to freeze about 30 ounces a day.  Kennedy is full of energy these days, and full of personality, more than ever!  It's hard to believe that just two weeks ago we were preparing for Kennedy's surgery, and now we are planning our upcoming vacations.  For months before her surgery I was relying on what other people could tell me to prepare for her surgery.  It was all so incredibly helpful.  One of the reasons I have this blog is for other people in our situation to see what we've experienced.  I'll be creating a section of the blog that discusses our experience with Kennedy's open heart surgery.  I hope that other people can learn from our experiences.  It feels good to be on the other side, and be the one giving advice...FINALLY!

Holding onto her purse for dear life.  It was the only thing amusing her while we ate.

Kisses From Kennedy!!!!

No matter how much we used Pinky in the hospital, she still isn't over him!


  1. So so happy you all and Kennedy are home and doing so well. It really is amazing when you realize that the surgery is done and all that stress, anxiety and nervousness that you've been holding onto for months is in THE PAST. Now on to the really fun part. I truly hope that your life with Kennedy will now take off! Congrats to you all.

  2. Your blog has been very helpful to me. My daughter Hailey was born a week after your daughter and she had her surgery a week after Kennedy. I found your blog the day of Kennedy's surgery and it helped me prepare for the road that was ahead of us. Thank you for sharing your journey! Thank God both little girls are home and on the road to recovery!