Tuesday, July 5, 2011

6 Hours Post-Op Update

My laptop is dead and I'm ready for a much needed nap, but wanted to update on Kennedy. We were able to see her shortly after 1pm. When the nurse came to get us, she gave is great news. Kennedy had been extubated and was awake! It was so good to see her, and I was honestly shocked how great she looked. I had seen a lot of pictures to prepare myself. It was very hard to see MY baby like that, but they assure us that she is doing wonderful. They will start removing her IV lines later tonight. She's fighting her sleep right now. She has barely slept since coming out of surgery. Right now she's snuggled up with monkey. She is kicking her legs like crazy and has already pulled her oxygen off. I'm so proud of my little monkey, she's such a strong baby.

I should once again add- the nursing staff is amazing and I am forever grateful for their care and compassion. Full update to come.


  1. You go girl (told ya she'd look good after!) Rest now. And get ready to nurse that baby! :)