Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 2 in the CVICU

It's hard to believe that 24 hours ago we were one hour into surgery.  Here we are, almost 24 hours later, and doing great.  We were off to a rough start last night.  The anesthesia was really starting to wear off and my poor baby was STARVING.  Of course, we couldn't give her anything.  We had a wonderful nurse who was willing to use an oral sponge to keep wetting her mouth.  This went on for a long time.  She also ordered her bubble gum chap stick, to help keep her lips moist.  I am so grateful for the wonderful nurses here who have catered to our every concern, even if it is as minimal as her lips being dry.  Our wonderful nurse also rocked the bed to get her to sleep while mommy and daddy entertained her with musical toys (Thank you Corrie - your gifts for Kennedy came in useful already!)  Who would have thought that 12 hours post-op my husband and I would be meeting my mom in the hospital lobby to get toys! 

From a clinical standpoint Kennedy has done amazing.  Everyone keeps telling us that.  The surgeon, the cardiologist, the anesthesiologist, the CVICU doctor.  They keep telling us how strong she is, and how great she has done.  Our cardiologist called me last night and said she had spoken with many people and read many reports, and that it looks like she's doing amazing.  She's planning to stop by and visit this morning.  Just like we always say, the nurses are calling her a super star, and said they want all her patients to do as great as she is.  They have weaned her off the blood pressure medication, and lowered the dose of sedation meds.  She was really active last night, kicking and trying to move and wiggle, that they had to increase it a bit.  The plan is that some of her access lines should be removed today as well as the foley cath, and her oxygen.  We're hoping to get approval from the physicians during rounds to give her some pedialyte.  If she does well with that, then we'll be able to give her breast milk.  She's such a tough baby and I am so incredibly proud of her.  She has been through more in the past 4.5 months than I have in 30 years.  In fact, she's been through more than Marlon and I in our combined 64 years. 

I had prepared myself for the worst.  I had seen pictures of a lot of children, and I honestly expected her to be a lot worse than she was.  Of course, it was hard to see my baby like that, but she wasn't nearly as swollen as I had expected, she had great color and she was awake when we first saw her.  She's already looking even better today. 

Here are some photos from our stay so far:

Poor baby - she was pretty traumatized after her pre-op x-rays and lab work.

Snuggling with mommy the night before surgery.  I didn't ever want to let her go.

This was about 6 hours post-op.

"Excuse me, mom?  What the heck happened to me?"

Picture Perfect

Mom, I know you have milk...give it up!

Mmm....bubble gum, this is yummy.  Thanks so much lady, I knew I liked you.

No Daddy, I don't want the Soothie.  I WANT MY MILK!  (Notice, the leg up in the air.)


  1. She looks amazing. I am so happy to read she is doing so well. I will continue praying for an easy recovery and a quick return home.

  2. I'm glad I could read a good update, I'm still thinking about you guys and everyone I know still is too. I hope she's able to eat soon and that she continues to do well. The pictures make me sad but at the same time like you said she looks good!! I hope she continues to do well! **hugs**

  3. (((Hugs))), wish i could be there. I am so glad she is doing well. Can't wait to see you at home!xoxo

  4. Kennedy looks Fantastic! I hated the time between when Charlie woke up and when he could start eating. He was VERY hungry and very ready to eat.

  5. Jenn you're so sweet with the captions for the photos. She looks nice and alert.and ready to continue on with her progression of healing. Love her little leg up in the air. Olivia does that when shes hungry too. I really meet Kennedy and you some day!

  6. So glad all went well.You must be so relieved.You are such a strong moma.You have a wonderful little girl.

  7. What a beauty. She looks wonderful. So happy that all went well. I know things are good now, but I still find myself holding back some tears, knowing how these moments felt for me. Wishing your family all the great things that our little one's surgery brought to us. Love to little Kennedy.