Thursday, July 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

I've never been so happy to be home in my life.  At first I was thinking the only time that could compare was when we were released from the NICU.  But my husband pointed out that even then we had a cloud over our heads because we knew in a few months we would have to go through open heart surgery.  He's right.  Even though we were completely thrilled to be home with her, we knew we were facing something 20 times harder.  Not that we won't have challenges to come, but I'm pretty sure that anything else will be easier than this was.

We were discharged this morning.  Her echo report showed her heart is functioning normally, with a very minimal amount of leakage around the valves.  That is common at this point and the valves should seal on their own.  Even if they don't, it's not a cause for concern.  They said that they have no reason to think that she will ever need another heart surgery.  Her pulse ox is averaging 100% on room air.  She's eating over 30 ounces of milk a day.  She's not falling asleep like she was.  She's breathing a whole lot easier.  She is temporarily on Lasix and Vasotec, which will both be weaned over the next few weeks by our cardiologist.  Lasix is very common after heart surgery, and they are using the Vasotec to keep her blood pressure lower than average in order to allow the heart to adjust to all the changes.  Soon Kennedy will be medication free! 

I have never felt a bigger sense of relief.  We have made it past the biggest hurdle in our lives, to date.  I would never admit it before surgery, but I was scared to death of losing her, and being able to walk through the doors to our home with a happy and healthy baby girl was the best feeling ever.  I'm pretty sure my husband would agree with me there.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all of the thoughts and prayers for Kennedy and our family over the past two weeks.  And a special thank you to everyone who spent those extremely LONG four hours with us that she was in surgery.  And for everyone who provided care packages for Marlon and I, and toys and gifts for Kennedy.  Your support and prayers mean the world and we cannot thank you enough.

With that said, Kennedy is thrilled to be home.  We got home, and she played with her friends on the play mat.  She was kicking her feet and holding her purse the whole time!  She was making faces at her snail and on the mirror.  She loved seeing the sheep in her swing, while I unpacked.  After milk and a lot of fun, Kennedy and I curled up in bed for a two hour nap!  How perfect?!  Now we're all snuggled up in bed, and I've never appreciated co-sleeping more than I do right now.

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  1. She looks so much happier at home! I am so happy for all of you. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.