Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Little Fashion Diva

One of the best parts of vacation is getting to dress up Kennedy and show her off!  Even though we go out pretty often at home, it's not usually a good excuse to dress her up.  It's also a little cooler in North Carolina than Florida, so we can get away with wearing more of our "cool weather" clothes.  The weather is beautiful and has been perfect for taking walks downtown and going to lunch with daddy.  Last night we went to dinner with some of Marlon's co-workers.  Kennedy was of course a perfect angel and everyone thought she was adorable and so well behaved!  And of course she looked adorable in her dress and matching bow. 

Who needs toys when I have my feet to play with?!

Lunch with daddy is so relaxing I can't help but sleep.

Really Mommy?!?!?  You are so funny.

Can someone help me get this crawling thing down?

Why can't I figure out how to move my arms AND legs?

No mom, these jeans don't fit.  I need a different outfit.  Sorry I never got to wear them.

 This is a much better outfit for dinner!

I love the concept of the concierge lounge dad.  Now give me some of those veggies.

I will play with my baby feet in my sleep, even after a long night of hanging with mommy and daddy.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daddy Time!

One of the best things about being on vacation is that Kennedy and I get to spend so much time with Daddy.  He works really hard for our family and so that I can stay home, and since we live in Florida, his commute takes a few hours a day.  It's pretty nice staying in a hotel right across the street from his office, so even though he's working this week, we're able to have every meal with him!  Yesterday we even got to show Kennedy off around his office.  It's also great that all of our daddy time is quality time!  We aren't cooking or cleaning.  I could really get used to being on vacation all the time.  I have a Starbucks in the lobby of the hotel, a cleaning person to make the bed, and pick up the bathroom, and valet to bring me the car every time we go out. 

I love walking around in my new stroller mom!

Really??  We're having lunch with daddy?!?!

Someone was so happy to see daddy during lunch, and she fell asleep.

Look mom!! I can still hold my head up even with the big bow on it!

I'm going to figure out this crawling thing if it's the last thing I do!

This fluffy bed is a perfectly acceptable place to eat sweet potatoes.  Why don't we do it at home?

Mom likes being on vacation because she has an excuse to change my clothes 2-3 times a day!

I'm ready for dinner....where are we going tonight?

Kennedy seems to have an aversion to Marlon and I eating dinner.  The Ergo seems to be a good compromise that allows us to eat, and her to relax...or sleep.  Of course, then I have to try hard not to drop much food on her head.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Family Time

Part of our goal for this vacation was for Kennedy to meet the remainder of her family!  Today she got to meet Aunt Gina and Uncle Adam, Aunt Tiffany and all of her cousins!  And of course...we went swimming.

Meeting Aunt Gina!

Come on mom! Stop taking pictures and let's go swimming!

What's with all the pictures?  We don't take all these pictures when we swim at home.

I really wish mom would stop making all these bows to match my clothes.

Hey, I like this girl.  How come we don't see her more often?

 Oh no!  Mommy and daddy tickle monster!!!!

I'm so glad the mommy tickle monster turned into the mommy milk monster!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Staying Busy in Irene

We definitely made the right decision by leaving Virginia last night!  Irene hit them hard!  I'm glad to know that our families are safe there, and am praying for everyone else in her path to be safe.

While the weather wasn't perfect for our day, it definitely could have been a lot worse.  We had a really relaxing day and are hoping for better weather the remainder of our vacation.  Hopefully the storms stay far away!
Enjoying cantaloupe from the breakfast buffet!

I won't let Hurricane Irene ruin my vacation!  Even if I have to swim inside! 

Seriously, can this smile get any bigger?

Yes....apparently it could get bigger!

I'm glad mommy and daddy came up with an alternative to bathing me on the counter when we travel!

Nap Time with Daddy!

Mommy and daddy bought me new wheels for the trip!! 

 Excuse me mom...there aren't many stores for me at this mall.

I love sitting on the sushi bar while I talk to daddy!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beating Hurricane Irene!

We made the decision to cut our time in Virginia short in order to get out of town before Hurricane Irene showed her ugly face.  Being from Florida, we've been through many hurricanes.  Back in the day we would fill our coolers with drinks and stock up on junk food for a hurricane party.  Now that we have a baby the only hurricane party we want to have is the one celebrating that we got out of town in time.  We're looking forward to a great week in North Carolina, visiting family and friends.  Our hotel has an indoor pool, so Kennedy and I can spend a lot of time swimming with out worries of the sun!  Here are some photos from our adventures today.  We hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Irene stays safe!

Showing off my pretty dress!

We went to lunch with Uncle Sam at Wild Wing Cafe and I chewed on celery and carrot sticks!

Visiting cousin Brenda and great grandma BeBe, who happened to be visiting from Florida

Playtime with Aunt Michelle!

Hanging out with Uncle Sam! 

What are THOSE mommy?  The big hairy beasts are funny looking. 
(Kennedy thought Maddie and Mozart, my aunt and uncle's golden retrievers were REALLY funny!)

 Chillin' on the big fluffy bed with my monkey!  How come our bed at home isn't this fluffy?

 Thanks for turning CNN on dad!  I'm so glad we got out of Virginia before that nasty storm came!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Kennedy's Big Adventure Begins!!

My husband and I always dreamed of traveling once we had a child.  We had a lot of earlier trips planned, but because of surgery, we had to postpone them.  We finallly got the okay to travel, and that's exactly what we set out to do this month.  Yesterday we made the long 13 hour voyage to Virginia.  Kennedy did great in the car.  Impressive for a baby that hasn't gone on many road trips. 

While in Virginia we planned to spend some time at the beach, introduce Kennedy to her great grandparents and great aunt and uncle.  My husband also has family in the area, so we planned to introduce Kennedy to them as well. 

Of course, as we've learned in the past 15 months since we got married, nothing goes as planned,  I'd just like to go on record and say that I HATE Irene.  The Norfolk and Virginia Beach area are now forecasting the worst hurricane in decades.  No thanks, I'll pass.  Clearly going to the beach is out of the question.  And since traffic is a zoo around here with people evacuating, it's pretty much out of the question to go anywhere.  Not to mention, you don't want to run out of gas.  So we'll be spending the day showing off Kennedy to family, before we head out to North Carolina very early in the morning.  It has been great for Kennedy to meet more of my family.  It was so cute seeing my grandmother with her yesterday.  Sadly, my grandfather is in the hospital right now, and will not be able to meet her.  Because she just had surgery 7 weeks ago we have to be very cautious about exposing her to germs, and a building full of sick people isn't the place to be.  I really wish he was feeling better and that we could see him.  I know he would love to meet Kennedy, and I'm sure she would just adore him.

Here's some pictures from the first day of our trip!

 I'm ready mommy!!  What do you mean you and daddy aren't?

Sleeping on the first stretch of the trip!

Diaper changes in gas station parking lots!  (And no, she didn't pee on our new car.)

I hope when I wake up that we are where ever it is we're going.

Playing with my new friends...are we there yet daddy?

How about now?

Having breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Fayetteville.

Daddy, why aren't we there yet?  This is ridiculous!  

Fine, I'll take one more nap.  But we better be there when I wake up!

Balls are going to fly if you guys don't get me out of this seat soon!

Why am I sitting on the table to eat?  I don't do this at home.

YAY!  The floor!  Daddy, can you go get my toys out of the truck?

Exhausted from play time.

Visiting my great grandma! 

Meeting great aunt Michelle!

Family time on vacation!

I've never slept on a pool table before.  This is pretty comfy. 
Disclaimer: We were right next to her and moved her to bed when we went.) 

Kennedy had a very good protector!