Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Busy Days

Kennedy never ceases to amaze me.  She is growing up so fast, learning so much, and is such a wonderful big sister.  I love to see the grown up things she does.  Like sitting down with a book, and signing/saying words as she points them out.  Part of her night time routine is to say goodnight to her baby and put her to sleep.  The first night we did it, she made her own routine.  She kissed her, hugged her, laid her in her bed, signed night night, bent over, put her finger to her mouth and said "sshhhh" and went and got in her bed!  My heart just melted.  She is learning new signs all the time.  Of course, she only learns the ones she wants.  For example, I've been trying to teach her the sign for help.  We've been working on it for weeks.  But I showed her the sign for cookie one day in the grocery store, and she now demands cookies when we get out of the car, at any store.  She learned train in about five minutes one day, while we were at the park waiting to ride the train.  She recently started Little Gym, and Kennedy is having a blast!  On the first day when the teacher asked her to give her five, Kennedy ran up to her and hugged her.  

These two kids keep me on my toes, which results in my blog suffering.  But they are only little for such a short time, I just have to enjoy every moment enjoying them, and then spend all of my free time cleaning up after them.  Although their small age gap is sometimes tough, I wouldn't have it any other way.  They are best friends and have so much fun together!

Here are some recent photos from our adventures and her accomplishments.

Playing in the sand on our trip to Clearwater Beach!

Getting ready for her first swim in the Gulf of Mexico with mommy!

 Caleb gets more kisses than any of us these days.

 Checking out North Carolina beaches. We're not so sure...

Pushing Caleb on his car is one of her favorite things to do.

Climbing is another favorite past time.

Alike in so many ways, yet so different.

Still loving the swing!

The princess loves to color. And eat her crayons. (Does this EVER stop???)

Bathing beauty enjoying a break from her pool to have a popsicle.

 Talk about my heart melting into a puddle. There just are no words.

Finally!  Interested in something other than throwing the puzzle pieces.  She claps for herself when she puts one in.  Sometimes even if it's not in all the way or in the right spot.

Watching Signing Times and drawing! (Much better than eating crayons.)

I just love the way these two play and do things together.  I never get sick of watching them do things together.  Except maybe when they are fighting over the iPad.

Pretty sure they were conspiring against me here.

Although she COULD stack blocks before, she had no interest.  Now it's a favorite thing to do!

Along with climbing on the furniture and turning light switches on.

Their favorite activity? Making messes.

Brushing our teeth and practicing speech sounds before bed!

The day she learned the sign for train! 

Taking care of her baby!

Who is this big girl running around the park?

She loves her brother so much, she can't even let him nap sometimes.

The Little People Disney Princess castle is one of their favorite toys to play with!

One morning I went to her room to get her, and she was in her chair, rocking her baby.

Mommy/Daughter Starbucks date after Little Gym.

Exploring new parks, and going down the big kid slides all on my own!
 Little Gym fun!