Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Still Waiting...

So it seems that the reason we are STILL here, is in fact because of the fact she was given oral meds for 36 hours instead of IV, and because they basically skipped a day trying to get her off oxygen.  The new cardiologist on rotation came and admitted that there has been a definite lack of communication in Kennedy's care, and perhaps a few too many people with their hands in it.  That doesn't get us home any faster.  They were originally saying Friday, but fortunately I have a few people on my side aiming for Wednesday.  They started decreasing Kennedy's diuretics yesterday, and they should be switched over to oral today, with the intent to discharge tomorrow.  Please keep everything crossed for us.  I'm going crazy in this place. 

In an attempt to keep Kennedy more comfortable (and happier) they agreed to put a hep lock on her central line, so we could move around and play with her more.  We would just have to keep her on a portable monitor.  Of course, this sounded ideal.  But they never got us the portable monitor.  They also agreed to stop waking her up all night long!  Sunday night was ridiculous, and I let the team know that during rounds yesterday.  They woke her up four times.  For a diaper change, for vitals, for a chest x-ray and for IV meds.  All in a three hour period of time.  So they agreed that they would alter the schedule so she got her meds and assessment at 8pm, and then could be left alone until 4am when she needed her meds again.  They would also do the chest xray at that time.  Perfect, right?  I'm not sure what's happened, but we seemed to have changed nursing staff from week to week.  I was waiting forever to get milk for her, only to have to hunt down the unit secretary.  They were 1.5 hours late giving her Lasix last night, and if I didn't ask I don't think it would have gotten done.  I had to ask again this morning for it to be given.  I had to ask three times for her IV to be checked in her foot last night, and then when they determined it had to be removed, I had to remind them to actually take it out.  This morning when they woke her up for the x-ray, and  I unsnapped her clothes, I discovered her leads were all messed up.  I stuck them on wherever and went about my business.  I let the nurse know.  They never changed them.  Hope it doesn't matter where they are!

Aside from our hospital woes this week, Kennedy is doing amazing.  Her latest echo showed that her heart is functioning as it should be.  Her oxygen levels are great.  She's eating between 24-30 ounces a day and has shown some weight gain.  She's no longer getting oil mixed in her bottles.  She also has more energy than ever.  I cannot wait until we can get home and get back to life with her.  She is so full of smiles and energy I know we're going to have so much fun.

Yesterday morning, in an attempt to make her happy for a few minutes, I let her watch TV.  We had her propped up in the bed with her toys.  I had to pump, Marlon was at work, and she just needed to be occupied for a little.  She had her new toys in bed with her.  She had the bracelet over her arm, the ring with the "bling" in one hand and "purse" in the other hand.  Total diva in training.

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  1. Good to hear that Kennedy is doing great and am sure you will be home soon. She is a pretty little diva indeed.

    Sometime this year, we had been admitted with my daughter and one can do anything to get home from hospital.Please remember everything is beautiful at the right time and you will soon take baby home.

    Thumbs up for being so keen and fighting for her to be as comfortable as possible. Get some rest when you can, Kennedy needs you to hold everything together.