Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kennedy is Out of Surgery!!!

Our prayers have been answered.  We just spoke with the surgeon.  He said that the surgery went exactly as planned and that she did wonderful.  She is still on the ventilator, but they anticipate that it should be removed soon.  Her heart is functioning on it's own.  They said it's highly unlikely that she'll ever need surgery again.  We should get to see her in about 30 minutes.  Thank you ALL for your prayers. 


  1. That is great. Thoughts and prayers coming your way for a speedy, uneventful recovery. Thank you for sharing your story. My daughter is having her open heart surgery a week from today. I told someone that the days are going by too fast but also too slow. So happy to hear you will get to see your precious little girl soon!

  2. Wonderful!!!!! We will be in your shoes in about a month..... Praying for you guys & A quick and easy recovery for Kennedy