Thursday, July 7, 2011


Wow, the end of another day in the CVICU.  I am so happy to say that Kennedy has continued to do amazing, and the nurses tell me that we've gotten past the hardest part.  Despite the rough start getting her to sleep last night, she slept well into the morning.  I met with the cardiologist and some of the other physicians, and then listened in to their rounds.  Around 9am all of the day's work started.  Kennedy was finally allowed to eat!  She took 6 oz of Pedialyte in about 20 minutes.  The atrial line was removed, the sedative was stopped, her oxygen was dropped down to a very minimal amount, the foley cath was removed, and some of the monitors were removed.  She was NOT a happy camper when it came to having the atrial line out, which resulted in a very unhappy baby.  She has only had two doses of morphine today.  The second dose was only because she was very gassy and was pulling at her chest tube, and beating herself up.  We don't expect that she will need that again.  She is on Toradol and Tylenol for pain.  She has been eating well through out the day.  She's working hard to get all of the mucus out of her lungs, but it's a little painful for her to cough it up, so they did have to suction it out twice today.  Our night nurse asked if we could let her cry for a bit when the mucus got stuck in her throat.  I'm NOT someone who lets my baby cry, but I said as long as it wouldn't hurt her I would deal.  Fortunately, the crying loosened the mucus and she did not have to suction her again.  After the foley cath was removed she wasn't peeing quite like that had hoped.  Apparently they should start peeing normall within eight hours.  The doctor originally wanted them to do a straight cath to help her, but the nurses didn't feel that there was a significant need, so they discussed it further with the doctor and he agreed to give it some more time.  The good news - she peed!!!  Almost all over her nurse.

The CVICU physician came around this afternoon and said that Kennedy should be the poster child for how children in the cardiac unit should be.  Dr. Nardell, our cardiologist, came to see Kennedy this morning.  She was completely thrilled with how well she was doing, and how great she looked and how great she was doing.  She said she feels like we'll be flying out of here in no time.  I'm not getting my hopes up, and I'm definitely not ready to leave.  Oddly enough, I don't mind being here.  Yes...I absolutely cannot wait until the day we're taking Kennedy home, but this is much different than being in the NICU.  We have a real reason to be here, and I'm not even close to feeling comfortable taking her home.  The nursing staff is amazing.  I trust them 1000%.  We have not had one disagreement, and not for one second have I questioned who we might be getting on the next shift or if we would have any arguments.  I know that they are doing their jobs and I can see that they genuinely care for Kennedy.  They don't want to do something just because "protocol" says they should, if they don't feel like it's necessary for her.  This has really put my mind at ease and made me realize that anything they are doing, truly is important, and last resort, because they really try to find every other work around possible.  Also, the food is good and we have a decent room.  Okay, I'll admit.  The sleeping conditions are sub-par.  I'm definitely going to need a good massage when we get out of here, but I can't complain because my husband AND I are allowed to stay over night in the room with her.  The food here is actually pretty decent, and as a nursing mother I get two free meals a day. 
Okay - enough of that.  Here are the latest pictures of my princess!

Can someone give me some milk before I continue eating my bubble gum flavored lip!?

 I have NO idea what this stuff is mom, but I'll take it!

Thanks dad!  That last nipple just wasn't working for me. Can you pass me another bottle now?

Oh yay!  I'm so glad you're taking this access line out of my hand.  Now I can use it to grab and pull at my tubes and wires! (FYI - as of 10pm she had to be covered because she was pulling her pacing wires out and they were bleeding at the site.) 

 Mmmmmmm....MILK!!!!  Finally!!!!

Talking with the nurse practitioner.

Getting back to my old self!  

Giving little smiles to mama and daddy!

Getting my head rubbed by Grandma!

MY ELEPHANT!  Oh how I missed you.  Just wait until you hear what they've done to me.


  1. Glad to hear she's doing well - she's such a feisty little girl :)

  2. Oh bless. I'm so pleased you are all out of the other side. The pictures at the end of this post made me cry, what a brave, special little girl you have, and I'm so pleased she did great in her op. X

  3. Aunt Michelle and Uncle SamJuly 7, 2011 at 6:02 AM

    What a delightful update - thanks so much for bringing us all into Kennedy's world through words & photos! She truly is amazing - so proud of all of her progress! Love you guys!