Monday, July 25, 2011

Growing Up

I love being a mom.  I love staying home, and spending every day with my little diva.  I love seeing her do things for the first time, and knowing that I helped teacher her many of those things.  I am so proud of her for everything she has accomplished, and that even when she gets frustrated, she doesn't give up.  It's bittersweet to see her growing up so fast.  Of course, you want them to stay babies forever, but at the same time it is so much fun seeing her explore and try new things.  Her personality comes out more and more, and is demonstrated in the things she does and her expressions.  And her raspberries.  Loves the raspberries.  I'm so lucky to have a wonderful husband that works hard so I am able to stay home and enjoy this time with Kennedy.  I wouldn't go back to work, even if it was for a million dollars.  Of course you have to make sacrifices, but they are all worth it.  You never get a re-do of these times in life.

Since we can't work on tummy time, our EIT has us working on things like sitting.  We're struggling with that one a little because of her short arms (a characteristic of children with Down syndrome) so she is unable to reach the floor to sit in a supported sit.  When I put a pillow in front of her, she can sit for a few seconds, before toppling over.  We're also working on building her strength in other areas.  Some of my favorite days are spent at home playing with toys and working on Kennedy's "exercises" which I try to turn into more fun than work! 

It seems like just yesterday she was holding a toy for the first time, and now she's turning pages in a book.  Next it will be Shakespeare. 

 Ready for dinner!!!  She seems to love her peas!

Not only does she love her peas, she loves doing raspberries while eating her peas.  Grandma was here for dinner time and was fortunate to capture it on video.



  1. Do you have a Bumbo seat? That is the one thing that helped Hope learn to sit. I still have Hope's old one if you need it.

    She is doing so great and I love seeing pictures of her is amazing how well she is doing with 'real' food.

  2. I do have one! She loves it, but until we can pick her up under her arms I have NO iea how I would get her out of it. So it's been on our list of unusable toys until 6 weeks post-op! But thank you!

  3. The video is adorable! I love watching rasberries almost as much as my son loves doing them :)

  4. Wow! She has grown tremendously. zI imagine there is nothing like witnessing God's work as she continues to improve and grow into the wonderful human being she is. Keep up the good work mothering. It appears that you and Marlon are great parents.

    Val Winfree