Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Kennedy!!

It's official.  I have a two year old.  I had a really well thought out post about how far we've come in the past two years.  And I even had plans to highlight some fun facts about Kennedy.  But she wore me out today, and I just don't think I have it in me to type out a real post.  Maybe tomorrow.  Today was a great day, but I'm not sure who was/is more exhausted.  Kennedy woke up before 7am and was ready to kick off her birthday!  We started with cards and gifts.  (Of course, she had already gotten her BIG gift from us yesterday.)  Grandma and Grammy came over.  The day continued with pancakes at Ihop.  Then swimming, until her lips were purple and she was shivering.  She had a blast!  We took her to Red Bowl for lunch, where she had her favorite chicken lo mein.  Later today we met daddy for dinner at outback.  Grilled chicken, and fruit, followed by all of the servers singing to her and presenting her with a giant ice cream treat.  She was amazed.  In between all of that included play time, dancing, singing, watching Minnie and being silly!  Her fortune cookie at lunch was that she was full of energy and always on the go.  I've never seen a more appropriate fortune for anyone.  Caleb spent a lot of the day hanging with Grandma and Grammy, which gave me some much needed one on one time with Kennedy.  We laughed and smiled a lot.  It's days like this that mean so much.

Here's a few photos from Kennedy's birthday celebration.

So excited for her big birthday gift!

More gifts?!?  For me?!?

Bring on the pancakes!

Swimming!  It's almost like being in Florida again! 


Caleb, thanks for letting me have so much time with mama!

Dinner with daddy!

All for me???



Best. Ice cream. Ever.

Dancing, singing and being silly!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

To Blog or Not To Blog

There's no denying that my blog has been suffering lately.  First I blamed it on a second pregnancy.  Then the birth of our son.  Then our relocation, the holidays, and most recently Kennedy's party planning.  Now I'm already planning for upcoming travel,  holidays, etc.  There's no denying that I'm busy.  The day to day life of a 2 year old and 6 month old is enough to keep me busy.  Throw in appointments, therapy, and Kennedy's upcoming schedule of tumbling and Kindermusik classes, and it's no wonder I have no time for blog updates.  But then I look at other bloggers.  Bloggers who have more kids.  Bloggers who have jobs outside the home.  Bloggers who still find the time to write out meaningful posts, despite their busy schedules.

So is it that I don't have time?  Or is there something more?  I have to admit, that I often feel like I have nothing to write about.  I mean, do people really care about our day to day lives?  Do they care that we went to the park, swimming, or took yet another trip?  I mean, over all our lives are pretty basic.  We do the same things that most of my friends and their families do.  I work with Kennedy more than my friends have to work with their "typical" children, but that's just the norm for me now.  Sometimes it's frustrating that we have to work so hard.  And I do sometimes worry about the future.  And I do worry about her speech, as well as her overall development.  But I see parents of "typical" kids with the same worries.  So do people really want to read about our every day lives?

My mom keeps reminding me of all the readers who stumble upon my blog.  The ones with a prenatal diagnosis who are shocked and scared.  The mom who just gave birth to a baby and had a surprise diagnosis of Down syndrome.  The parents who are preparing for their child's open heart surgery.  We've been down a path that others are just beginning.  I think back to how much other blogs helped me when Kennedy was born.  Today a friend of mine reminded me that although our lives are normal and *boring* it's good for other people to see that.  That having a child with Down syndrome really isn't that different.  That Kennedy is more alike than different, and our life is, for the most part, just as we always imaged.  Maybe even better.  That had I known then, what I know now, I wouldn't have been so afraid.

So for now, I'll continue blogging.  Occasionally.  I'll continue posting photos and updates, my opinions and maybe even some of the activities that I do with Kennedy.  And by popular request, I promise, I'll even start posting more of Caleb.

And now back to regularly scheduled blogging.

Last night as I wrote my blog post, I resisted all temptation to wake Kennedy up to play in the snow.  But first thing this morning, when she woke up, I bundled her up and took her out for her first *real* snow experience!!  It took me longer to dress and undress her than the amount of time we were out.  She was less than impressed, to say the least.  See for yourself.

Are you kidding me mom?

Excuse me? Can I go in please?

 What the heck am I sitting in?? (And yes, she ate it.)

Under all those layers there is a toddler.  Who went sledding down the hill once.  She laughed, and then wanted to go in.

You want me to make a what?  Mom, I have no idea what a snow angel is and I can't move.

Here Caleb, catch the ball!

Pay close attention to me brother.

My sissy is pretty cool.

You want me to do what, Kennedy?

Trying desperately to teach him to crawl.  She can't wait until he can keep up with her.

He's so unimpressed by her attempts.

I love playing with my brother!!!

Turning Two!!!

I've been busy preparing obsessing over Kennedy's birthday party for the last two weeks.  I've been shopping, crafting, and cooking to make everything perfect for Kennedy and her guests!  Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for us today.  Snow.  I was very disappointed at first that many of our guests were not able to make it, but I was thankful for those that did, and to my family who came from out of town!  I was determined that no matter what the turn out was, Kennedy was going to have an awesome party and a terrific day!  That she did!  She kicked it off with a pancake breakfast with daddy, and playing in some snow at the fake grass.  She returned home to a house fully decorated and ready for a party!

As we sang happy birthday to her, I held back tears.  It just doesn't seem possible that my baby girl is turning two in just a few days.  I feel like I was just sitting in the NICU, scared to death of the future and the unknown.  Now, she's a typical toddler.  She's running around, making messes, playing with toys (or things she makes toys), exploring and having fun.  She is a wonderful big sister to Caleb, and I am so blessed to have her as my daughter.  She learns new things every day.  She is no longer a baby, but a little girl.

Yesterday we were showing Grandpa our favorite park.  I was pushing her on the swing.  A dog was walking near us.  She pointed and said, "dog."  I could not have been more proud.  This was not one of the many words that we have been working on.  Especially since we don't have a real dog.  My heart melted and I'm, pretty sure there were a few tears.  Speech has been our biggest delay and I sometimes struggle with that, as I watch others her age talking in full sentences.  The fear of, "what if she never really talks" is often in my mind.  But then, she does something awesome like that.

Today as I watched her run around with her friend and her cousin, I realized just how far she has come in the past year.  She amazes me every day and is such an inspiration.  Her smile is truly infectious.

Here are a few photos from the day.  I'll catch up on more photos and updates later this week.

Dancing with her iPod!

Look Caleb!  I'll dance for you!

I'm a party girl!

Cooking with my friend Rylei.

I love playing with Hannah!

Bring on the cake!

Kisses for Grandpa!

Mmmmmm Cake!!!!!!

Ooooooh, presents!!!!

Good cake!!!

Look, I got a card!

What's this??

Look peeps!

I love all my new presents!

Really great cake! 


Birthday girl!!!

I love this princess.

Is that for me????


Minnie kisses!

The piano definitely wins the prize for favorite new toy!