Friday, July 8, 2011

A Birthday Wish Come True

I would have thought I would have tons of time to blog while we were here.  After all, they said Kennedy would sleep a lot!  Not so much the case.  I should have known my spunky little baby wouldn't do what they expected.  After nearly 3 days with out sleep, I took advantage of the opportunity to sleep last night!  Kennedy is officially back to sleeping all night.  She slept 10 hours last night.  I was THRILLED to have gotten 5 hours sleep.  She woke up really hungry this morning and chugged her milk!  Then she laid around kicking her feet and smiling.  I couldn't ask for anything more!

Today's my birthday and I had one wish this year.  I wanted Kennedy to be healthy and I wanted to be able to hold her.  I got my wish, and I got it a day early.  I was able to snuggle Kennedy all day yesterday!  I'm not sure who loved it more.  We have had two wonderful days.  Her chest tube was removed, she's been taken off all pain medication, her other medication has been changed from IV to oral, the pacing wires were removed, and she has had two of her IV access lines taken out.  She still has a lot of junk in her lungs from the surgery and isn't coughing it up as well as they would like, which is keeping her on a very low flow of oxygen.  They are going to give her an additional diuretic for a few days to help clear out the fluid in her lungs.  They also said we should be going home in a few days! 

All in all, I'm completely shocked.  I can't believe that we are barely 72 hours post-op and they are already giving us information for discharge!  I'm not getting my hopes up, or looking at a specific day that we'll be going home, until we're in the car and on our way.  Honestly, I don't mind being here.  The nurses are amazing, the food isn't bad, and the sleeping situation isn't horrible.  About the only thing I could ask for would be a room with a shower.  But I'll take what I can get! 

Here are some pictures from yesterday.  I'll try to post more pictures from today, later on. 

Kennedy really loved nurse Holly!  We even named her new puppet after Holly.

 Mommy and Kennedy FINALLY getting to snuggle!

So much happier after mama snuggles!

Mommy can finally feed me AND hold me!

Daddy pretended to be Bullwinkle and put on a show for me.  I thought he looked crazy, and I think the nurses did too!

Mommy....what is Daddy doing with Holly???  He's crazy!

Okay daddy, you might be crazy but this place is getting boring!  Keep entertaining me!

I finally got to put clothes on!  Now where is my hair bow?  And what's the deal with these baby legs?  They are kinda neat, but why didn't mommy put me in any of the ones with cool designs on them?


  1. This IS a very Happy Birthday!!! so happy for you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! love from Aunt Angie

  2. I'm so happy that you got your birthday wish - and she's just going to get stronger & stronger, no wonder she's so happy!! It's all over & it's almost time to go home!! WOOHOO! What an amazing little girl! Cannot wait to meet her! Lots of love, Aunt M

  3. Happy Birthday - What a great update!