Monday, October 1, 2012

{31 For 21} Down Syndrome Awareness

October is Down syndrome Awareness Month.  Before I had Kennedy, I can honestly say that I didn't know much about Down syndrome.  I didn't even personally know anyone with Down syndrome.  I was shocked and terrified.  It took a few weeks and a lot of time spent reading blogs to realize that things weren't all that different after all.  Not long after that, I started this blog.  Partially as a way to keep friends and family informed, and partially as a means of documenting my feelings and everything that was going on.  In my head, I hoped that it would also help raise awareness and educate, as well as help others beginning on a similar journey.

I think I've done a pretty good job of raising awareness, and helping others understand that Kennedy, and all individuals with Down syndrome are more alike than different.  They have hopes, dreams and feelings just like everyone.  They are productive members of society and their lives have value, no matter how many chromosomes they have.

Last year I participated in the 31 for 21 blog challenge.  I blogged every day in the month of October to help raise awareness.  Some days were more in depth topics, and other days were just photos.  It's pretty obvious that I've been blogging a lot less the past several months.  In fact, I only have posted 80 times this year.  And now I'm taking on the task of posting 31 times in the next month.  I'm a little nervous.  Free time isn't in my vocabulary these days, and time to blog is a rarity.  That said, a ot has changed in one year.  Kennedy is growing up and learning all sorts of things!  I'm hoping that this challenge will help me find the time to get back into regular blogging.  After all, with as little as I've written lately, I should have a lot to say!

Most importantly, there will be a lot of cuteness. 

Hey brother!  Wake up and play with me!

 In an attempt to let Caleb nap, I recruited Kennedy to help pack for an upcoming trip.  Some helper she is....I had quite a mess!

What do you mean the trash can isn't a push toy?

Sure mom...I'll play with toys. All of them!

This is fun.  But not as much fun as playing with trash or clothes.

Hi mom!!!!

Yaaaay!!!!  Caleb is awake!  I'm going to give him kisses.


  1. Hooray! What adorable little ones you have. Looking forward to following your 31 for 21 journey :).

  2. A baby has a way of putting a cramp in blogging :)
    It's okay to just do your best! I find that October 31 for 21 gets my bloggy motor going again after summer vaca....

  3. There sure is a plethora of cuteness in this post!

  4. I can't even believe how big Kennedy's gotten! She is such a big girl now and she's gorgeous! Caleb is adorable too, I bet he never lacks attention with bug sister around to dote on him!