Saturday, October 20, 2012

{31 for 21} 21 Facts about Kennedy

We're driving home from our very exhausting and stressful trip, so I have no photos (again). I promise. Photos tomorrow.

1) Kennedy is 20 months old.

2) Favorite Foods: Chicken, tacos, yogurt

3) Favorite Songs: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old McDonald, Wheels on the Bus

4) Favorite Toys: Fisher Price House, Piggy Bank/Coins, Pop Up Animals

5) Favorite Game: Peekaboo, catch

6) Favorite Animals: Dolphins and cats

7) Latest Accomplishment: Walking!!!!!

8) Favorite Activity: Swimming

9) Favorite Restaurant: Dave & Buster's

10) Favorite Place: Swings

11) Biggest Dislike: Bedtime, sock and shoes

12) Favorite Color: Pink or Purple

13) Favorite Drink: Milk

14) Loves to give kisses or blow kisses. And steal glasses.

15) Loves her baby brother.

16) Favorite Book: Any books with flip up panels.

17) Favorite stuffed animal: Sandy (monkey) and Lowery (penguin)

18) Favorite Treat: ColdStone Creamery - Strawberry ice cream with sprinkles

19) Favorite Hairstyle: Pigtails

20) Favorite Vacation Spot: Hilton Head, Orlando

21) Most excited about our move because she will get to play with her cousins more.

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