Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{31 for 21} A Note From Kennedy

Hi there blog reading people!

Mommy, daddy, Caleb and I are on vacation again.  Mommy seems like she's been a little stressed lately and sometimes I hear her say she's going crazy.  I'm not sure what she means, but I figured I'd give her the night off from blogging.

I'm not sure what mommy has been telling you all lately.  I hope it's all good things.  She keeps telling me that I'm really becoming a toddler these days.  I don't know what's so difficult about that but it seems to stress her out some days.  Or maybe several times in one day.  Usually when I'm pulling toilet paper off the rolls.  Or emptying spices out all over the floor.  Or throwing the clean laundry.  Or throwing my food onto the wall.  Or when I try to climb out of the shopping cart.  And especially when I give her a hard time about going to bed. 

I guess I do spend a lot of time doing things to get me in trouble.  Good thing mommy usually takes a picture and laughs.  Or sometimes she shakes her head and tells me no.  Then I lay on the floor and scream.  Mommy says that's me turning two and that it's a good thing I'm so cute.  I'm just trying to get my point across, really.  That's all.

I also like to make mommy look like a fool.  She's been telling Miss Holly, my physical therapist, how good I'm doing at walking.  So today, during my PT session I sat on the floor, and crawled around.  I did the same things I've been doing for many months.  I didn't even show Miss Holly how I stand up on my own.  Tonight at the hotel I was walking all over the place though.  Mommy said that I'm a little stinker and I'm trying to make her look bad.  She said that she's going to keep sending my therapists videos of me doing everything since I don't perform for them.  I tried to tell her I do.  I talk a lot for my physical therapist and I do a lot of walking for my speech therapist.  What's the problem?

Mommy says tomorrow is a big day.  I'm going to see my friends at Hope Haven.  Last year when I saw them I wasn't crawling yet.  Now I'm starting to walk.  I probably won't feel like showing them that though.  I also was just learning to feed myself.  Now I'm a pro, and refuse to let other people feed me most of the time.  I also wasn't a big sister yet.  Tomorrow I'm going to show off my baby brother.  That's probably all I'll feel like showing off. 

Anyway, I guess I should get to sleep.  Mommy says I need to wake up early to go see my friends.  I'm sure she'll report back, and who knows, maybe I'll surprise her and show off.  Otherwise she can show the videos and pictures.

Like this video of me walking in the hotel room.

And here are some pictures from the first day of our trip.  I think we're going to have fun!

Are you ready for your first road trip Caleb??

My reward for being so good, was dinner and games at Dave & Buster's!

Daddy and mommy helped me play!

I love anything with buttons!

This is the bear I got with my points.

Haha. Bed? That's what you think!

I have to kiss my bear goodnight first.

I taught my brother how to relax on hotel beds.

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  1. Wow! Kennedy I am so proud of you! You are doing so good on your feet! And it's so nice of you to help Caleb learn what vacation really is all about.

    Cora wanted me to say that mommies just have unreasonable expectations.