Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{31 for 21} Family

Kennedy's birth brought our family together in ways that I never imagined.  My mom
was present for Kennedy's birth and diagnosis. She stayed with me after Kennedy and my husband were transferred to the NICU. And that same day, my inlaws all came to the hospital to meet Kennedy and show their support. My brother-in-law even flew in from out of town.  Everyone provided endless supported with running errands, bringing food and their physical and emotional support during our unexpected NICU stay.  My dad flew into town to meet Kennedy when she was just one week old.  When Kennedy had open heart surgery, once again, everyone came together. On the day of her surgery my mom, and my husband's family were there, waiting and praying with us.  They provided around the clock support, did our laundry, brought food, and even surprised me with a birthday cake.  

Everyone loves and adores miss Kennedy.  They all celebrate her milestones in the same way that we do, and they recognize that she will do things on her own time.  Sometimes I hear stories of families that struggle with acceptance of the Down syndrome diagnosis.  Our family sees Kennedy for who she is, and not her diagnosis.  I am so thankful that we have not had that struggle.  I love that we have a close relationship with our families and that they are able to see our children often.  My mom is temporarily living with us, and I love seeing the bond between them get stronger and stronger with each day.  I love all the things we do and the trips we take.  Today we spent an afternoon with my father-in-law today, and Kennedy had a great time crawling around with Papa Sam and showing off all of her new skills for him!  Family has been an important part of our upbringing for my husband and I.  We cherish the memories that we make with our children and our immediate and extended family members.  It makes me feel so proud to know how many people love Kennedy and the happiness that she brings to their lives. 

(Pictures to come tomorrow.)

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