Monday, October 29, 2012

{31 for 21} Tales of Toddlerhood

Kennedy is definitely leading the life of a typical toddler.  Playing with everything she shouldn't.  She even lost Grandma's keys the other day.  My house is a disaster, on a daily basis.  Sometimes she eats her food and sometimes she throws it.  When you tell her no or take something away she let's you know she's not happy.  And when she misses her nap there are tantrums of epic proportions.

Today was a nap-less day, which left my house more of a disaster.  And all of the epic tantrums made for one tired mommy.  So think of this as another post about why toddlers with Down syndrome are more alike any other toddler than they are different.

I hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy is safe!

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