Friday, October 5, 2012

{31 for 21} Toddlerhood and Down Syndrome

Kennedy set a new record last night and took eight steps on her own. She's far from toddling on her own, but that's not stopping her from getting into everything. I've spent the past two days working very hard to get the house prepared to be shown. And Kennedy spend the last two days frantically crawling behind me, tearing apart everything. All of the toys I packed, she unpacked. All of the trash I through away, she emptied. The clothes I bagged for Goodwill, she emptied and put around her neck. Despite the fact that Kennedy doesn't do everything typical toddlers do, she isn't lacking in the ability to make a mess, get into trouble or throw tantrums when the word no is used. She is definitely a typical toddler in my mind. Just another example of how children with Ds are more alike than different.

Stay tuned tomorrow when we return to our regularly scheduled blogging. Right now I'm off too tackle my "to do list" and clean up the other projects I already completed!

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  1. Just logged into my own blog and found that the new format on blogspot displayed your blog on my home page. I had forgotten that you have a blog and enjoy reading about Kennedy's shenanigans.