Saturday, October 6, 2012

{31 for 21} Dreams

As a parent you always have dreams for your children. One thing that I realized when Kennedy was born is that her dreams may be different than what I always imagined. And then it hit me that regardless of how many chromosomes your children have, their dreams may be different than what you imagine.

I love to see news stories about individuals with Down syndrome making their dreams come true or succeeding in something that they have dreamed of. I think it helps raise awareness. At the same time, part of me feels that these individuals are just like everyone else, and that making it news worthy points out that they are "different." Either way, I'll enjoy the stories and imagine Kennedy achieving her dreams 5, 10, 20....years down the road.

I don't think I ever noticed the prevalence of the stories before Kennedy was born, but October is always a big month to hear about students with Down syndrome being crowned as homecoming king or queen. This year has been no exception, and the month is just beginning.

Homecoming Queen in Louisiana

Homecoming Nomination

Another Homecoming Queen!

Homecoming King

Another Homecoming King!

These stories warm my heart and brings tears of happiness to my eyes.

I promise, I'll have lots of cute photos tomorrow and the coming weeks. Today was the end of a massive house project so my camera (and even my cell phone) haven't had much use!

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