Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{31 for 21} More Alike Than Different

It's true what they say, individuals with Down syndrome are more alike anyone else, than they are different.  When Kennedy was born, and in the NICU, I remember saying, "but I don't know how to take care of a baby with special needs and a heart defect."  Her diagnosis would change everything we had planned, right?  One thing that I was told will always be at the front of my mind.  "Love her and treat her just like any baby, she has the same needs and desires as any child, you'll just work a little harder and have a few extra appointments."  

I quickly learned how true that was.  We do work a lot harder at achieving milestones, and we do have a lot of appointments.  But we also do everything else just like we thought we would.  We travel (a lot), we go to the park, shopping, the beach, out to dinner, etc.  We have a balance between therapy and having fun.  I'm not afraid to ditch a week of therapy to go out of town.  Kennedy also learns through playing and exploring.  In fact, she has mastered ome pretty big milestones while on a "therapy break" for vacation.  I don't place limitations on Kennedy because of her extra chromosome.  I hold her to the same expectations that I will our other children.  But we will have to work a little harder to achieve them. 

Kennedy has feelings, dreams and desires just like everyone else.  They may be different than others, with or with out Down syndrome.  We will do everything possible to help her achieve her goals and dreams, just like we will any of our children.

Speaking of doing things as planned - and how much Kennedy loves to travel - here are some more photos from our mini-getaway.

Caleb wanted to sneak in and say hello.

Enjoying the hotel pool!

Swim time with Grandma!

Yes, I'm on vacation again.  All you people at work, be jealous.

They make good muffins.

Hanging out at Islands of Adventure!

Ice cream with sprinkles is a good way to end the night!

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