Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{31 for 21} Your Typical Toddler

I don't care how many chromosomes Kennedy has, she is your typical toddler. We had a wonderful play date in the park, with our friend Ben. Unfortunately, I have no photos of said play date. Why, you ask? I was too busy chasing my toddler around the park. Since we live in a state where fall consists of like 3 leaves falling off the trees, Kennedy's favorite part was eating leaves. I gave up on stopping her. I'm pretty sure the other parents thought I was crazy. Especially the mom who pointed out that she was eating a leaf and I said, "yes, I know." She also spent a considerable amount of time digging in the dirt. Which meant a good scrubbing tonight. Oh...and then there were the swings and the slides.

After her busy afternoon at the park we had dinner and took a walk downtown. One of the local gym's was holding Zumba classes on the fake grass. Kennedy enjoyed dancing to the music. Oh, and yes. Kennedy once again won the battle over shoes.


  1. lol at the leaf eating! That epitomises parenthood doesn't it, especially the other one telling you that your child is doing something like that. So cute! :)

  2. Heck I don't see what's so wrong with leaf eating either. A little fiber as I see it. As long as it's not covered in dog poop... Kids need exposure to maintain a good immune system. I almost never take photos at playdates and I am not chasing anyone. (But I am holding a girl that won't let me put her down.)