Sunday, October 28, 2012

{31 for 21} Fall Fun

Today we spent a few hours at what Floridians consider, a pumpkin patch.  It was much more successful than last year's attempt and not nearly as far away.  We even had perfect "fall weather" as our friends and family in the northeast are preparing for the big Frankenstorm.  It made me think back to our day at the pumpkin patch last year.  We took Kennedy to IHOP, where Daddy drew her a picture with the crayons.  Then we drove down to the pumpkin patch, where she was too little to really enjoy it.  The pumpkin tents were infested with spiders, and we ended up taking her true "pumpkin patch photos" with her sitting in hay in a parking lot patch down the street from our house. 

This year, Kennedy had a blast.  She was very interested in the hay and pumpkins.  And since I'm the mother who lets her kid eat leaves, I didn't really bat an eyelash when she started putting the hay in her mouth. She crawled, climbed, and walked all over.  She was giggling, smiling and enjoying every moment.  She and daddy split a cheeseburger at he end, before we left with our 35 pound pumpkin.  It was a fabulous day.  And I cannot even begin to say how proud of her I am.  I feel like every day she's doing something new, and I'm so proud of everything that she has accomplished in the past year.  It feels like just yesterday that I thought she would be crawling backwards and getting stuck under the furniture - forever!!!!!  And today she prancing around the pumpkin patch on two feet!  And she even kept her shoes on!

Here's some photos from our day.

Hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy stays safe!


  1. Some of the cutest Kennedy pics EVER!!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Cuteness OVERLOAD!!! I wish the UK had pumpkin patches like that!