Monday, October 31, 2011

31 For 21: Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the cutest pink elephant around (and her mommy!)

Kennedy made the most of her first Halloween, even though she slept through part of it.  She was the hit of the neighborhood and didn't want the fun to end.  Holidays truly are better with kids, and even though mom and dad probably enjoyed this more than Kennedy, it was wonderful making such great memories and starting new traditions.  Here are some pictures from Kennedy's first Halloween!

Yes, I know, I'm the cutest pink elephant in town.

Being a pink elephant on the sidewalk is REALLY funny mom.

Can I just sit here and wave at all the people driving by?  I know they think I'm cute.

I can't believe you're bringing me to the grocery store like this.  I'm taking a nap.

Dad, I warned you trick or treating at Publix would be lame.  This isn't even worth being awake.

Enjoying my first Halloween with mom and dad!

Trick or treating!

This is so much fun mom!

Did you hear those people?  They think I'm cute.  I totally knew it mom.

 Remember that nap I took during trick or treating?  Now I don't wanna sleep.  Keep walking, I like the Halloween decorations around the neighborhood.

On another note, the 31 for 21 Challenge is coming to an end tonight.  I hope I didn't bore my readers too much.  I also hope that you all learned something, and can pass it along to your friends or family.  Just because the month is up, it doesn't mean that Down syndrome awareness comes to an end.  I would say that you won't be hearing from me for a few days, but tomorrow is Kennedy's PT eval, and Wednesday we're testing out a new theory for Early Intervention, so I'll probably have updates on that.  But you definitely won't be seeing daily posts for awhile!


  1. Definitely the cutest pink elephant I've ever seen!

  2. Yes she is an adorable pink elephant!!!!!

  3. Yes, she was the cutest pink elephant! Hailey slept the entire time trick or treating and then wouldn't go to sleep either!