Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 For 21: Therapy Day = Tears

I'm so thankful we only have therapy one day a week, and I'm somewhat dreading the addition of our new therapist (finally) in November.  I've still yet to decide if Kennedy dislikes her therapist, or just dislikes the fact that she makes her work.  Today was worse than ever.  Kennedy SCREAMED.  Real tears and everything.  She did not want to do the exercises and she made it known.  She didn't want to do anything Amanda wanted her to.  And since she now works in a school for the entire day before coming to see Kennedy, I think she was just "done" before she got here.  Her patience was less, and I think Kennedy detected that. I'm going to give it one more week, but if it goes like this again next week, I'll be asking for a new EI.

Early Steps has been the cause of a lot of stress in our house lately.  I've been not-so-patiently waiting for the PT Consult to be set up.  Well, come to find out, no one ever requested it until yesterday when I called to follow up.  Momzilla came out, and I lost it.  After going around and around with these people, I'm insulted that my Service Coordinator asks who my daughter is every time I call.  I'm sick of them pointing fingers, and I'm sick of them thinking that they can push Kennedy to the back burner just because she exceeds the expectations.  After a long talk with one of the Supervisors, Kennedy's case has been given back to our original Service Coordinator.  Hopefully this means consistent care.  And not someone asking me how to spell speech.


  1. I'm so sorry...I know how hard it is to see your child so upset. You are doing the right thing..keep pushing! She is exceeding, why not keep that momentum going?!? Good luck!

  2. I work in Early Intervention, and if this therapist is not the right fit for Kennedy that is ok. It doesn't mean she is a "bad therapist". It just means she is not a match for your family.

    I agree with giving it a week. If it doesn't go better then get someone new. You can't get back time.


  3. Go Mamma!! Good job *hugs* You rock, as always! I also like your stance on the EI therapist. You'll certainly have given her a fair shot at that point and if it isn't working for Kennedy, it just isn't working and that's OK. The game plan can be adjusted. You've got rockin' good Mommy instincts, keep on listening to them!