Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 For 21: Not a Happy Camper

For the most part, life with Kennedy is just the same as any baby.  We play, we eat, we change diapers, etc.  We don't even have all that many appointments, now that we've made it through heart surgery.

But then there's Early Intervention.  This has been a challenge for awhile.  Kennedy finally warmed up to her therapist, but she absolutely hates doing her exercises.  She will flat out refuse and resist.  Today's EI session started with 20 minutes of smiles, talking and interaction, followed by 20 minutes of crying and struggling, and ended with 20 minutes of sleeping.  Our EI says, that maybe she's just showing us she'll do what she wants when she wants.  I'm okay with that, but she didn't have any other suggestions.  We're still waiting for the Physical Therapy consult.  I really despise the way that the "system" works here. 

After our traumatizing EI session, the day was filled with fun and games, and I'm one tired mama.  More pictures of little miss to come tomorrow!

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