Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Physical Therapy Success!

I was really planning to take a day off from blogging, but this is way too good to neglect.  Today was Kennedy's eval with the Physical Therapist.  I was really nervous for a few reasons.  For one, Kennedy doesn't have the best track record working with therapists.  Usually therapy involves a lot of tears.  I was also worried because you just never know what you're going to hear.  I should also mention that Kennedy hasn't spent a lot of time around men, so I had no idea how she was going to react to him. 

I'm happy to report, it went well.  Or at least, as well as a physical therapy eval on an eight month old can go.  We had minimal tears.  Okay, maybe not minimal.  She screamed for a few minutes while we made her work.  But for the most part, she seemed to like Larry.  And I was pretty impressed too.  He had a great attitude with her and really encouraged and rewarded her for her hard work.  The best part - SHE WORKED!  She didn't just face plant and cry. 

All in all, he said that he was very impressed with her strength and abilities.  One of the big concerns with Down syndrome is low muscle tone and hyperflexibility of joints.  Fortunately, he said that Kennedy doesn't really have an issue with either.  The diagnosis - DIVA!  Yes, you read right.  She's been diagnosed as a diva, and she thinks it's easier for other people to do things for her.  So, we'll be working on some new exercises, and mommy and daddy will be requiring Kennedy to do more for herself!  However, since the services were approved, we'll now be getting physical therapy weekly.  I'm pretty excited about this, especially since Kennedy seems to respond well to him. 

Oh...and he told us to get a treadmill.  So if any of my local readers are looking to get rid of a treadmill for cheap, let me know (Kennedy doesn't need anything fancy.)  Apparently there was a study done, that children with Down syndrome who use a treadmill for 10 minutes a day, walked six months earlier than those who didn't.  And since we'll do pretty much anything to help her reach her potential, we'll be investing in a treadmill. 


  1. We are also going to start treadmill therapy in the next Montgomery or so. I have lots of articles on it if you want any info. The studies are very impressive and I am super excited. I am happy to hear that Kennedy will be doing the same therapy...I. don't know a lot of other people doing it.

  2. I love the new picture of K at the top of the blog!!! Yay for a great PT session!!! I'm laughing out loud over the diva part. Praying for a treadmill to find its way to you!!

  3. Yeah! So happy you are getting some PT and that Kennedy is doing great. I don't have a treadmill but I do have a little slide that you can have. Let me know.

  4. Yay!!!! So glad everything went well. I think we all get nervous before an eval or switch. We had private therapy today and think I held my breath until they gave me her evaluated age range. Good luck with the treadmill therapy!