Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 For 21: Christmas is Coming

Christmas truly is our favorite time of year.  And having Kennedy here is going to make the Christmas season about a million times better.  You can imagine that Marlon and I were pretty excited to hear Christmas music in some of the stores at the mall today.  We already have November and December jam packed with plans, and are excited to start new traditions.  Today began the search for that "perfect Christmas dress."  It was also the start of what appears to be an endless search for "Baby's First Christmas" pajamas.  Apparently they only make these in up to 9 months size.  Well, more than likely, Kennedy will be in a 12 month size sleeper by then.  WHY do they only make them in sizes up to 9 months?  That's just ridiculous.  Aside from the pajama crisis, the plans are in full swing.  Decorating will begin on November 1st.  Last year we had five (yes, five) Christmas trees, and this year we're planning for seven (yes, seven.)  I suspect that once we get seven Christmas trees with lights and ornaments, Kennedy will decide to become mobile.  I anticipate that our house may look like something out of the National Lampoon's movie.  And that Marlon may be pulling some moves like Tim Taylor on Home Improvement.  Wish me luck! 

Christmas plans aside, tomorrow Operation Baby in a Pumpkin will take place.  Seeing as how Monday is Halloween, we're finally going to get around to carving pumpkins.  Part of this includes sticking Kennedy in a big pumpkin.  Her and I had a talk about it today, and she's totally good with it.  Stay tuned for pictures of that tomorrow.  Until then, I'm off to continue my search for Baby's First Christmas pajamas. 

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  1. I totally cannot wait to see your pics for tomorrow. I'm half tempted to go buy a pumpkin myself and plop our baby in it just for the cute factor!! ;)