Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 For 21: The Roller Coaster

This week has been a roller coaster.  We've had ups and downs, and have literally been whipped in one direction to the next.  We've gone from happiness to sorrow and everything in between.  It just goes to show that you never know what cards you're going to be dealt, and you never know how things can change from one minute to the next.  Since Marlon and I have been married, we've sure been dealt a lot of tough cards, but one thing is for sure.  Somehow we manage to get through it, and we come out stronger and better people.  That said, it doesn't stop you from sometimes asking why things happen the way they do.  But in the end, it's better not to think about it.

We are so fortunate and so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl.  A princess who has a smile and a laugh that can light up a room, and that can make your day.  No matter what's happening, or how challenging things may seem, one smile and the world seems better.  She's been through more in her 8 months of life than I have in 29 years.  In fact, she's been through more than her dad and I in our 60+ years combined.  And yet, she has the best outlook on life.

We put all of this weeks events aside and went to Orlando for a quick getaway and to see some family.  We spent a great night with my wonderful aunt and uncle at City Walk, were able to enjoy a beautiful day at Downtown Disney today, and ended it all with seeing my husband's great family!  Here's some (okay - a lot) of photos from the weekend.

I decided to nap, just as we got to City Walk.  So mommy covered me up and I rode in my stroller old school style.

When I woke up, I played with my Great Aunt Michelle's hair.

This woman is CRAZY!  But a lot of fun.  She scored brownie points by helping mom change my stinky diaper in the bathroom at Margaritaville.

Mom, I'm telling you, this lady is silly.

Sorry guys, there's too many people to watch.  I don't have time for pictures. 

Hey Great Uncle Sam, you don't mind if I pull on this do you?

Dad, do you think you could get one of these things? It's pretty fun to play with.

Who turned off the sun?  This is Florida, is it not?  Mom, what do you mean you didn't bring me a hat?

At least Uncle Sam brought a hat that I could wear.  But it doesn't really match....or fit.

Thanks for the rice mister!

Why do these people insist on taking so many pictures?

I'm going to take a cat nap now mom.  That way I can stay up and party when we leave here. 

These people are fun, why don't we live closer to them?

Where's Mickey? What do you mean he doesn't walk around Downtown Disney?

Are you kidding me mom?

This stuff is so fun to play in.  Can we have it in the yard dad?

No mom, I'm busy being nosy.  I'm not going to smile for pictures.

I'm looking at you.  What more do you want?

Well this is different.

 What do you mean you won't share your chocolate from Ghirardelli chocolate? You've never heard of chocolate milk?

Chillin' with my life size Minnie Mouse.

This place is exhausting....

I love Porky!

Come here Porky, I'm gonna get your nose!

Got your nose!!!!!  That's what daddy says to me when he gives me Eskimo kisses.

 Look mom, I'm holding my bottle with only one hand.


  1. Sorry to hear the week has been hard. But you look like you had some fun anyway. Kennedy sure did!

  2. Glad you able to end the roller coaster week on a good note. Love the pics of Kennedy!

  3. I'm glad Orlando was just the remedy you all needed from this week! I love seeing pictures of Miss Kennedy

  4. You've probably already read this,

    But I thought i'd share in case you hadn't. It is beautiful and I thought of you and your sweet baby when I read it.

  5. She is just the cutest thing ever Jen!!! Love the "porky" where did you get it?! I think Mason need one of those!

  6. A friend of mine gave it to me after she fell in love with him while we were at her house. I think it's made by Fisher Price.