Friday, October 7, 2011

31 For 21: People First Language

Tonight's post is going to be a short lesson in using people first language.  This probably isn't something that most people even think about.  This doesn't just pertain to children with Down syndrome, but should be applied when you're speaking about anyone, especially with a disability.  Think of it as a form of etiquette. 

You should always refer to the person first, not the disability.  You should not say, "the disabled person."  The proper way to phrase it is, "the person with a disability."  For example, Kennedy is a baby with Down syndrome.  She's not a "Down's baby."  She will grow up to be a child with Down syndrome, and then an adult with Down syndrome.  She's a person, just like anyone else.  She has feelings and deserves the same amount of respect that any other person does.  A person's disability does not dictate who they are.  Kennedy's designer genes do not make her who she is.  She just so happens to have a little something extra.

And speaking of Kennedy....

 Go ahead mom.  You can get your coffee, I got this!

This hippo tastes soo good! 

Thanks for the early Christmas gift mom!  I guess you have to go buy another to replace it.  Right?
(This is the problem with doing the Christmas shopping three months in advance.  I'm already giving her gifts!  Oh well...I know there's about 100 more I want to buy her.)

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