Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 For 21: Halloween Traditions

Well...the pumpkin patch was a little disappointing.  Like I said yesterday, I'm from the north, when I think of pumpkin patches, I think of hayrides to the field to find that perfect pumpkin.  Apple cider.  You know...all those fall kinds of things.  Today was....well, more like a fair.  Fried Oreos, turkey legs, and chicken on a stick.  And there was a fire ant warning when we pulled in.  And giant spiders.  So my dreams of pictures of Kennedy amidst a field of giant pumpkins, was pretty much gone before I realized that the pumpkins were in fact in tents.  But, we did get to take Kennedy on her first hayride.  And we made the best of the day, even if it wasn't what we expected.

Then on the trip to Toys R Us, we found a pumpkin patch in the parking lot.  Yes.  Pumpkins on hay, in the parking lot.  There was only a small area and a lot of kids, so I only got a few pictures.  Tomorrow, I shall continue my quest to get Kennedy's picture among lots of pumpkins.  And next year, we'll fly to my dad's house, and go to a real pumpkin patch.  Somewhere, where it isn't 88 degrees.

Someone took advantage of the long ride to get in a nap.  It was 67 when we left the house, so she was snuggled up with her blanket.

There was a giant spider, which is why Marlon's standing so far away from the scarecrow.

Looking at the goats...which were missing some of their horns.  Odd.

Daddy carrying Kennedy's giant pumpkin.  She HAD to have it.  Even if it was $24.

Family self portrait.

Standing in line for a hayride that took you in a circle.  Hey, it was Kennedy's first hayride.  We HAD to take her on it.

Kennedy made a friend behind us in line.

And then she drank my lemonade. 

Another family self portrait.

Thank you to the kind strangers who took a real family picture.  Can you see how thrilled Kennedy was? the farm with pumpkins in tents.

 Kennedy loved kicking her feet in the the parking lot.

Then she test droves a Mercedes at Toys R Us.

And passed out in her pumpkin pajamas after a very busy day!

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  1. If you're over in Orlando, I went to a cute farm with hayrides and horserides! No pumpkins under tents:) Looks like you still had a great time!