Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 For 21: Appointment Day

Poor Kennedy had to put up with all sorts of appointments today.  First up was Cardiology.  Kennedy has a routine on Cardiology days.  She wakes up to party in the middle of the night, so that mom oversleeps.  She followed through as always.  Despite waking up late, we arrived promptly for our appointment.  And we waited.

I'll just sit here and play while you fill out those papers.

Then we got weighed - just under 16 pounds.  We measured in at just over 25 1/2 inches.  She skipped her tradition of peeing on the scale.  Then it was time for the EKG.

Hey miss Deb, let me help you with those wires.
Then it was time to wait for the echo.  We waited, and waited and waited.  Luckily, Kennedy was pretty content.  Her piggys were the hit of the office and everyone came in to see us her.  We played with Sophie and Flutterby and we even had a snack. 

Mom!!! Stop taking pictures of me.  I'm NAKED!

Nom nom nom....I love my Mum Mums. 

Finally - we had our echo.  Kennedy hates this part, and didn't make it a pleasant experience for the tech.  Fortunately, she loves Kennedy, and was happy to see her squirming and moving around the table.  Then we waited some more.  And we played with our ball.  Seriously, I have no idea how I got so lucky to have such an awesome kid.  This was more than 2 hours after we got to the doctor.  She was handling the wait better than I was.

I can't believe you only brought two Mum Mums. I guess I have to eat my ball.

Here mom, want a bite?  I'm okay with sharing.

Go long mom!  Hurry!  I'm gonna throw it out in the lobby!  Catch!

How come we don't come here to play more often?

All in all, it was a great cardiology appointment.  The doctor said that her repair could not look more perfect.  There's no leakage around the patches or the valves.  There was a slight increase in the pressures on the right, that we need to check again in 3 months.  He said it's not uncommon in kids with Down syndrome, and he really thinks it's an isolated incident.  However, it can be an indicator of sleep apnea, so we'll have to investigate further if it increases.  Soooo....we go back in 3 months, instead of a year. 

We also had Early Intervention today.  I'm pleased to say that it went amazingly well.  There were some tears in the beginning, but she spent much of the time full of smiles and showing off her accomplishments.  In an attempt to get Kennedy to like Amanda even more, EI will take place at the park next week. 

And to end our day on a negative note, Kennedy is officially sick for the first time.  I feel absolutely horrible.  We have worked so hard to keep her healthy, but we failed on this one.  Of course the mommy guilt is kicking in.  I've found 100 things I should or shouldn't have done.  I'm just praying that this is nothing more than a common cold and she gets through it quickly.  

I did manage to snap a few pictures earlier, before she started feeling yucky.  


  1. ahhh, she is too flippin cute! I love the pig tails. Kennedy, you are 6 months younger then Fiona and you have three times as much hair!

  2. She is soooo adorable!!! Love her pig tails too!!!:))

  3. Adorable. SO glad to hear about the cardio appt and no valve leakage. Hopefully the pressure thing is a fluke. And Cora is a bit sick too. What's up with all our little ones of about this age getting their first colds after staying healthy through open heart surgery?

  4. She is soooo cute! I love the pigtails.

  5. SO cute!!!! Must be in the air....Hailey has the cold too!