Saturday, May 21, 2011

Way To Go Team Kennedy!!!

Today was the Congenital Heart Defect Walk to support the Children's Heart Foundation.  I'm proud to say that the support of our friends and family helped us raise over $1300!!!  We even received a plaque for being one of the top fundraisers!  The site will remain open for 3 more weeks, so if you missed the chance to donate, you may still do so.  (Team Kennedy Donation Page)

Here are some pictures from the event!  Kennedy did great on the walk and slept most of the time.  I think the rest of us wouldn't have minded if it was a bit cooler, or even less humid!


  1. I want to say it was an amazing day. I am so glad i got to share it. Kennedy was amazing and it was truly wonderful to see everyone pulling together for this great cause. It was truly wonderful to see how far people have come. Children that are so young and have faced so much and here they were out there walking and riding their bikes 1, 2, and sometimes 3 miles. It was truly heartwarming. I am so glad i could walk with them.
    Love to you all Gramma Char

  2. You guys did an amazing job with the fundraising! Team Kennedy is definitely to be congratulated! And it looks like you had a wonderful day for the walk, too (even though it was hot!)! Way to go!!