Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Can't Get Enough...

I can never get enough of the giant smiles and sweet giggles from Kennedy, and I would imagine it's only going to get better the older she gets.  We have a new game, called "mama kisses."  I give Kennedy kisses, and she opens her mouth wide, squeals and giggles.  It's the most simple game, but one that we both love the most!  These pictures show it all.

I'm pretty sure she's saying, "Mommy you are sooo funny!" 

I also can't resist showing you all this video of Kennedy and her pink elephant.  She absolutely loves this thing, and it makes car rides a piece of cake!  She will just talk and talk.  You would think it answers back!  My poor husband must feel like he's a chauffeur.  It's not because Kennedy CAN'T sit on her own in the backseat.  (Although she seems to notice when there are two other people in the car and she's alone.)  I absolutely love to watch her talk to her pink elephant, so nine times out of ten, even when she's totally content, I'll sit in the back seat so I can watch.  This could make for some interesting road trips this summer.


  1. Kennedy is so adorable! Lila loves her "Pinky" too, although she doesn't talk to it yet.

    I have to be honest, as long as Justin is driving, I haven't been in the front seat since Lila was born :D

  2. I just love watching her talk! She's really something Jen!! And the mommy kisses game - I just love that! Thanks for sharing - can't wait to meet this adorable little girl! OMG

  3. I can't get over how cute she is!!
    I still sit in the back with Audrey too