Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kennedy Became a Real Baby Last Night

I never had that "new mommy exhaustion" that everyone talked about.  At least not until today, at 6am when my alarm clock went off.  At almost 12 weeks old, I had my first bout of "new mommy exhaustion."  Kennedy has been sleeping great since I've been able to let her sleep as long as she wanted.  Usually she sleeps anywhere from 10pm until somewhere between 5-7am.  Of course, I don't usually get to bed until around 12:30 or 1am.  Last night I got to sleep around 12:30.  Kennedy woke up, and I was shocked to look at my phone and see it was 2:15.  I thought maybe she was just making noise in her sleep, so I shined my cell phone in on her.  Big blue baby eyes and a huge smile.  A new diaper, and some milk, and back to sleep, on mommy's chest.  And before I knew it, we were awake again.  Big blue eyes and a huge smile.  I look at my phone.  3:45?!  Are you serious?  Who kidnapped my sleepy baby?  It was almost 5am before I was back to sleep.  I remember Marlon leaving for work, but I have NO idea what was said in our conversation.  He couldn't understand why I was so tired though....I didn't realize that he had no clue that Kennedy and I had a private party all night.

Needless to say, I didn't make it to my appointment with the pediatrician.  There was no way I was going to get out of bed, and get out of the house by 7:30.  I've rescheduled for next week, at 10:30.

I wonder what tonight will bring?  Am I in for a whole new lifestyle that includes new mommy exhaustion?  On a good note, she then slept until 10am.  Perhaps I just need to stop planning on doing anything in the morning.


  1. umm yeah it could last a while. Reagan is just getting back to sleeping some better now. (watch now she'll be up all night just cause I said that) but you do get a little used to it, and she won't always be up that much either.

  2. I think our babies are like 2 days apart and mine is doing the same thing! Must be a growth spurt or something, I'm up nursing her every 2 hrs the past 2 nights and she's been extra cranky during the day.