Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adventures in Tummy Time

Since Kennedy's Early Intervention therapist can't work us in for another 2 weeks I've been working overtime to get Kennedy to strengthen her neck and upper body before her surgery.  She absolutely HATES tummy time.  I've tried everything.  Sometimes she rolls over.  And other times, like today, she tries to make an escape.  I guess at least we know she has really good lower body strength?  At this rate she'll be crawling before anything else. 

Notice - the foot and the arm up.  I swear she was trying to crawl away.

Once again - trying to escape?  Face buried in the floor, and on her knees.

Then she gave up and decided to suck her hand.

In addition to all the fun (sense the sarcasm?) we had with tummy time, we also went swimming.  Grandma came over to play today, so we were able to get some pool time pictures!  As usual, Kennedy had a great time!  She is most definitely a water baby.

And to finish things off (because I've been slacking on photos lately) - here are some more play time photos.
I'm not entirely sure what this face was all about.  I'm pretty sure it was part of a "conversation" with one of her friends!

Kennedy has recently been very into her rattles.  Today, she finally figured out how to call daddy at work.  Then she hit herself in the head with the rattle, and wasn't so happy.

However, she did not learn the importance of leaving a voice mail, so if you get some random calls from us, you know who it is.


  1. You're doing a good job with her. In case you haven't run into it I'm going to recommend Gross Motor Skill for Children with Down syndrome from woodbridge house. I breaks all those things down so we parents can figure out how to what you were doing with her :) She's such a cutie. I can't wait to introduce Reagan to swimming!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story on Mama Birth! I was especially relieved to see the 2nd half of the story. I felt cut short after the 1st half.

    Have you tried tummy time on your tummy? Or how about lying on your back, with knees up, and her on your shins? These were some tricks that have worked well for us, though my little Sasha never really minded a little tummy time.