Monday, May 23, 2011

My Sleepy Little Baby

Kennedy has always been super active.  Never napped.  Slept all night.  The last few days, she's getting more and more sleepy.  She's falling asleep after every bottle, and tires herself out playing with her toys.  Tonight she even fell asleep on her activity mat.  She's sleeping even longer at night, and napping during the day.  I know this is "normal progression" of heart failure, but it breaks my heart.  I feel so bad for her, and I know that her body is working on overdrive just to function.  I miss my wild and active little baby.  I'm really dreading the surgery, as I've said before, I'm completely terrified.  But I can't wait to have my baby back to normal.  In fact, she's going to be more normal than I've ever seen, and that excites me.  I booked our first post-surgery vacation today.  I need something really special to look forward to - our first real family vacation.  I can't wait to start really living life with her.  We go back to the Cardiologist tomorrow.  The closer we get to surgery, the more I dread these appointments. 


  1. You are doing everything you can for a mom right now. It must be so hard to see her go through these changes, but by the time you have your 1st family vacation she will probably be back to her active (more than normal) self.

    Sending lots of T&P your way. Kennedy has already proved to be a trooper this far.

  2. What a great idea, Jen - a post-operative family vacay! It's a terrific idea! Can't wait until you have your precious angel back up to her normal pace!! Go Kennedy!