Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Strike is Over!!

It seems that Kennedy's breastfeeding strike is over and I couldn't be more excited.  If I had to read one more post on Facebook about someone complaining that all their baby wants to do is be attached to their boobs, I think I was going to scream.  All I want is for Kennedy to want to do is be attached to my boobs!  She's nursed four times today, and did really well.  I'll have to continue to give her a few bottles a day until after her surgery, because of the oil we're mixing in it.  I was completely discouraged, and was starting to think that she would never breastfeed again.  I now have a renewed feeling of confidence and hope that we have a chance for exclusively breastfeeding after her surgery.  I'm sure that it won't be easy getting her back to it after surgery, but we've done it before, and we'll do it again.  I seriously cannot thank my postpartum doula, Angie, enough.  With out her support, encouragement and guidance, I could not have made it this far.  She's truly amazing!  I've probably said it before, but I will say it again.  Last October when I met Angie for the first time, I NEVER imagined what an important decision hiring her would turn out to be.  I knew the first time we met that she was the right person to be there to support me on the day our daughter was born, but I had no idea how critical she would be in the months following her birth.  We are truly blessed to have her in our lives. 

On another note - Kennedy continues to love her play mat.  I've never seen a baby love one of these things so much.  Her favorites are the elephant and the monkey.

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  1. Oh goodness she looks great...just wait till you see the energy she has after surgery (I know it doesn't seem like it could make a difference, I thought Reagan was already active, but it really does) Yay for nursing!!! Just a thought to add on, my midwife when she first recommended oil, told me to put it on my nipple for her...I ended up just putting in on my finger in her mouth which she was fine with, but that could add even a little extra on top of the bottles you're giving her.