Monday, May 16, 2011

My Job As Mom

I've done a lot of things and worked a lot of places in the past 15 years.  I've sold pagers, penny candy and audiometric equipment.  I've been a receptionist, and I've been a manager.  Each job had it's perks. 

Being a mom is by FAR the best job.  It's more work and more stressful than any other job, and definitely has the lowest salary in dollars.  I never stop worrying about Kennedy.  If it's not her weight gain, it's her breathing, it's the upcoming surgery, it's making sure she's getting the right stimulation to help her develop appropriately.  The laundry is never ending, and neither are the dirty bottles.  There's always just one more.  BUT - none of that outweighs the wonderful moments.  I wouldn't change any of it.  (Okay, that's a lie.  I would change the fact that she needs heart surgery.  But what mom wouldn't?)

Every day I realize how lucky I am, and I enjoy being a mom more and more.  I'm sure there are plenty of my Facebook friends who are absolutely sick of seeing the 10,000 pictures I'm posting.  But I can't help it.  I love showing her off.  I'm so proud of her, and I love all of her expressions.  She's becoming so interactive, and as much as she's not a "newborn" anymore (and that makes me sad) this is SUCH a fun age!  This morning I woke up to her smacking her lips and tongue.  I looked over at her and gave her kisses.  She had a huge smile on her face and was "talking" up a storm.  What better way to start your morning?  Back in the day, the only way to start my day was a coffee from Starbucks or McDonald's.  These smiles go a lot further than any cup of coffee.  This afternoon she was sitting in her bouncer.  She was SO excited by the bird hanging above her.  This is the same seat she pretty much hated up until a week ago.  Does this look like a baby who hates her seat?

There's something about it that just makes my heart melt.  She has the same conversation with the sheep on her swing, and I just love it.  I could seriously watch this for hours.  Tonight I was giving her kisses.  With each kiss that I gave her, she gave me a huge smile back and one of her precious little squeals.  That's the best payment I could receive for such a hard job.  

And of course the snuggles.  She's by far the most snuggly baby I've ever met, and I take every opportunity to enjoy it.  She's growing up, and she doesn't want to snuggle ALL the time like she used to.  I sure hope that the snuggles never end, no matter how big she gets.  

Being a mom might be the hardest job I've ever done, but it's also the most rewarding. 

This truly is the perfect way to end the night.


  1. What an absolutely precious photo :) I totally agree, too - by far the best (although hardest and most time-intensive) job!

  2. Oh the snuggles of an extra chromosome! They are the best! Better than the biggest salary in the world.

  3. Awww...what a cute video. When is Kennedy's heart surgery?

  4. We don't have a date for surgery's looking like late June.