Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bumbos and Bottles

Kennedy had an exciting day!  She decided she'd go back to being a dream baby, and slept from about 9:30 until 5:15.  Then she ate 5 ounces!!!  She's never eaten that much at once!  I was shocked!  

Grandma came over and we went shopping and to lunch.  We picked up some new clothes for her (imagine that) and I needed to get button down onesies for after surgery.  Hey, at least I had an excuse for shopping this time.  I decided to take the next step, and graduate her to level 2 nipples.  Well, this just might be my answer.  I may not have to spend my ENTIRE day feeding Kennedy.  She drank 3.5 ounces in about 15 minutes!!  Then she threw up....

Okay, so clearly that was too much at once.  After all, she's been taking 3.5oz in 25 minutes, or it can take up to 3 hours.  So, my next test was to give her 2oz at a time.  I made her take a break after an ounce.  She finished 2oz in 10 minutes, and was ready to play.  Tomorrow will be my true test.  2oz of milk, every 1.5 hours (except when she's breastfeeding.)  It'll be more feedings, but it should take a lot less time.  Of course, I'll spend most of the extra time washing bottles.  I guess this calls for another trip to Babies R Us for more bottles.

Now, you have to understand.  My mom is like "Grandma Gone Wild."  Kennedy is her first grandchild, and my mom does what Grandmas do best - completely spoils her!  I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful mom, who not only completely spoils Kennedy (and I) - but who is willing to do anything she can for us, and goes out of her way to come over at least once a week.  Thank you mom!  Anyway, not only did she stock her up on clothes, she bought her a Bumbo.  At first Kennedy wasn't sure what to make of it, but she got used to it and she seems to love it!  My mom is three for three with her recent purchases. 

 Kennedy watching TV in her Bumbo!

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  1. wow look at her sitting so strong in that bumbo! Reagan is only just now getting good at it. good job on the eating and sleeping Kennedy!