Thursday, June 23, 2011

Paying It Forward

Since Kennedy turned four months old last weekend, I have been thinking about how it feels like Kennedy was just born.  I remember how hard those first days in the NICU were, and how difficult it was for us to accept adjust to all the changes in our life.  We received an incredible amount of support from so many people.  Even people that I got to know online, or met through other people.  We'll be leaning on those same people for good thoughts, prayers and support in the coming weeks as Kennedy undergoes her open heart surgery.

Today came my chance to help another mama and baby in need.  Their need is a little different than mine were.  And their story made me realize once again, that things could be worse or even harder.  This mom has a baby with Down syndrome.  Unfortunately, mom also has cancer and is in need of breastmilk.  As I've mentioned in past posts, I've been blessed with an incredible supply of milk.  The deep freezer we purchased last month is already half full.  Pumping is VERY hard and time consuming.  But it's worth it.  And it feels amazing to be able to give this mama and baby a part of my stash.  We have a lot of variables in our near future.  I'm hoping Kennedy will exclusively breastfeed eventually, and it's quite likely that after surgery she'll increase the amount that she eats per day.  I want to make sure that Kennedy has breastmilk until she's at least one, but I hope to be able to continue helping this mama and her sweet baby.  I know how hard I had to work and fight to make sure that Kennedy was able to continue getting my milk.  I want to be able to help a mama who knows the importance of breastmilk, but isn't able to provide it herself.  I'm also on a mission to find other moms who may be able to help.  So, if you're in the area or know someone in the area who may be able to donate milk, please send them my way.  They can contact me via email at  I'm sure this mom will appreciate anything that she can get.

Of course, I can't finish this post with out another picture of just how big Kennedy is getting.


  1. That's awesome that you're helping her! What a gift you're giving. I'm on a low dosage of prescription medication and live in Bradenton, but I'd be glad to donate milk if she'd want it. I also wanted to let you know about a group I have donated through in the past - it might help her or allow you to help others in the future. If you search for "Human Milk 4 Human Babies" on Facebook, there is a Florida group, and there are mamas in need and mamas who donate on there. It's a great group - I've donated more than 400 ounces so far and hope to make at least one more donation. I also blogged more about my experience here:

  2. Thank you! I'll let the family know!

  3. Jennifer,
    This is a wonderful gift you can offer. It gives me goose bumps.

  4. There is a facebook page called human milk for human babies it helps people like this in need. I just posted if there is one in Florida. But I know that there are a lot of opportunities where she can pay for the shipping. Try there.