Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fast Forward Please

I was sitting here this morning, enjoying my much needed coffee and loving all of Kennedy's big gummy smiles when it hit me that two weeks from now - she'll be in surgery.  She'll be "asleep" and completely unaware of what's happening.  Marlon and I will be pacing the floors of the surgical waiting area, desperate to hear the words that the surgery is over and that it was a success.  Those will be the hardest and longest four hours of my life.  As hard as this is, I'm glad she's so young.  She has no idea what's going to happen.  She isn't worrying or upset about it.  She isn't going to expect to be in pain.  She will remain blissfully unaware that anything is happening...at least until we get to the hospital the day before.  And even then, she won't completely know what's going on. 

I keep thinking about everything I need to do, and need to pack.  I started a list, but cannot seem to get anything together.  I just set up my appointment for next week to donate blood for her surgery.  It's unlikely that it will be enough, but at least I can feel good knowing that I did what I could for her. 

I think I'm pretty much useless for the next two weeks.  I'm taking every chance I get to hold and snuggle Kennedy.  I have a lot of snuggling to do in order to make up for the days we won't be able to.  I'm trying to be positive about the surgery.  I'm trying to focus on how exciting it will be to bring her home, better than ever, and see how much energy she has for all her toys.  She's not an overly sleepy baby, so I suspect that she will have me on my toes even more after surgery.  This doesn't make me any less terrified.  I'm not one to wish the time away, but I would give anything for someone to hit fast forward, and make it July 21st so I can be sitting here, snuggling my baby and have all of this behind us. 


  1. i just love your blog im part of your exclusively pumping board that's how i found you. dont ever wish to fast forward because those would be moments that you miss and even if they are painful you will never get it back. she is such a beautiful little girl.

  2. Praying for you guys....we will be doing the same thing in just a few weeks also.


  3. Praying. We went through it and it flies by and is so good after. By the way, the amount of blood might be enough - if I remember right, they do not use much if any... I'm not 100percent sure why I'm thinking that.

    She won't know and she will be feeling so good after.

  4. Aunt Michelle & Uncle SamJune 22, 2011 at 7:06 AM

    Enjoy every snuggly giggly moment with her - and just keep focused on the end result - a beautiful baby with lots of energy, giving you a run for your money! We'll all be praying & pacing with you, waiting to hear you say it's over & she's fine - then waiting for you to tell us you're on your way home with her! Love you guys!

  5. enjoy every minute, you can never get enough of it. I spend 24/7 with Zoe, she even comes to work with me, and we cuddle all night long and even that is not enough. I hope everything goes well with her surgery, of course, and I cannot even begin to imagine the level of anxiety you as parents are feeling. (((Hugs)))