Friday, June 10, 2011

A Great Report!

After MONTHS of trying - we finally had our first meeting with the Early Interventionist today.  The good news, I really like her.  The bad news, Kennedy doesn't like her so much.  We haven't seen much stranger anxiety with Kennedy.  I assumed she was still too young, combined with the fact that we don't really have many any strangers holding her. 

Things started out great.  Kennedy ate before she got here, and we were happily playing.  Everything went fine, until she picked up Kennedy.  Anyone who knows Kennedy, knows she has the pouty lip down.  Well, Amanda picked up Kennedy - the bottom lip poked out further than I've ever seen it, and the tears started pouring out of her eyes.  I've never seen real tears come from her like they did today. 

But Amanda said stranger anxiety is a great thing for her to be exhibiting at this age.  The only thing we really need to work on is the strength in her arms - which is what I expected.  Kennedy is right on track with everything else. 

Hopefully Kennedy doesn't forget Amanda between now and Tuesday when we see her again.

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