Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun and Games

Today's agenda was to finish cleaning the house and go food shopping.  I didn't accomplish either of those things.  It was raining.  Again.  So instead of cleaning or food shopping Kennedy and I just spent the day having fun.  We did tummy time, played with toys, sang songs while we danced and rolled around on the floor.  It's REALLY hard to take pictures while you're doing all that.  I wish I had some sort of a camera and video camera attached to me so I could capture all of Kennedy's giggles and smiles.  I can't get enough of them, and they just melt my heart.  She is SUCH a happy baby, with so much personality and so many expressions.  I am one lucky mama.  I love you Kennedy Aleise!

Sleepy baby - one would think she slept for hours after all that playing.  No, not really.  She slept 20 minutes.  And then stayed up until 11pm.

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