Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finding Time

Now that I have a full time crawler on my hands it's harder and harder to find time to get online and actually write something longer than a Facebook status!  I'm pretty sure Kennedy was just waiting long enough for me to get really big and really slow to decide that she was going to start getting into things.  She can get around faster every day, and it no longer takes Cheerios to motivate her.  Today was Grandma's first day over since her crawling has taken off, and let's just say that Grandma is pretty worn out. 

Not only have I been slacking on the blog, I've been slacking with taking photos.  So here's a few quick cell phone snapshots. 

What?  Doesn't everyone sleep like this?
Oops...did I just dump that cup of water over the side?

 Practicing my wink!

Goodnight blog reading people.

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