Thursday, May 17, 2012

A lot of Randomness

I promised more updates and more photos this week, and I've once again failed. It amazes me how quickly the days fly by lately. Between chasing a toddler and getting the house ready for a new baby, I'm not sure how I have time to breathe. Especially on days like today. You know, the days when you spend 2 hours chasing a big lizard around your house. Keep in mind, I am seven months pregnant and had a cranky teething toddler on my hip. It made for quite a site. In fact, if there wasn't still a big lizard on the loose in my house, I might even find it comical. Instead I'll be having nightmares of lizards crawling into bed with us. Oh the joys of living in Florida...

It's been quite a week in our house. I'll just give the highlights, with the promise of many more details and photos to come.

- Less than a week after getting the iPad, Kennedy has mastered pointing! She absolutely loves the iPad and if she sees me using it, she usually comes after it.
(Don't mind her bed head or my lack of captions, I still have no good solution for blogging from this thing.)

- At nearly 15 months, Kennedy is FINALLY getting her first tooth! I'm not sure why I was so excited for her to get teeth. She's definitely not been her usual self this week, and I'm thankful to have figured out the reason, but I miss my happy girl! She's not completely miserable all the time, but we've had more fuss and tears in 3 days than we have in 15 months. I'm pretty sure teething has cussed more fuss than open heart surgery. However, fruit pops seem to help a little. (But the $20 worth of teething supplies from Target seem to do nothing.)

- Kennedy has also continued to take off with gross motor skills. In just a few short weeks she's started to transition from sitting, to crawling like a maniac and now pulling up on absolutely everything! Nothing is safe. Gross motor has always been Kennedy's weakness, so all of these improvements are wonderful to see! She also does a great downward dog yoga pose. I guess she's ready for that any day now.
(Excuse the poor photo quality here....darn cell phone, I never have the flash on when I need it.)

-And last but not least, we've made some big changes in our therapy services. Early Steps has finally agreed to provide us with weekly physical therapy, at the expense of our Developmental Therapy. So we've cut that back to once a month and will be taking advantage of their PT services. This will also allow us to integrate private speech therapy. I'm looking forward to utilizing some new resources o Ed the coming weeks!

That's all I've got for now....I'll post some adorable photos of Kennedy and Grandma this weekend when I get some computer time. Now, I'm off to eat some ice cream and make sure there are no lizards lurking under my bed.


  1. Oh no on the lizard! I will be thinking "lizard be gone" thoughts for you. And Kennedy is so dang cute! :) I hope the teething pain subsides soon.

  2. Cute pics! What game is she playing? I hoped Hailey would point with peek a boo barn but it isn't happening yet.

    1. That one is the Fisher Price Shapes game!