Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Fun!

We are fortunate enough to live in Florida, where we can take advantage of great weather pretty much all year long! We've been swimming for weeks now, and Kennedy is acquiring quite the suntan, even though she wears an SPF 70!

I've been looking for new outdoor activities, since we are somewhat limited. The swings are getting harder and harder because they get so hot this time of year! So, we hit up Toys R Us this weekend and scored an awesome deal on a water table that was recommended by one of Kennedy's online friends, Ellie.

Of course, it rained today. Almost all day. Which is rarely does in Florida, especially this time of year. So, in an effort to still get out of the house, I set up in the water the garage. After all, we do live in Florida where there are snakes and gators that frequent our yard, so it's really no big deal to play in the driveway or garage.

Kennedy loved the water table! Though, I think I need to stock up on some extra toys for her to use in it.
 Well this is's kind of like playing with water in the bath tub.

Hi mom!

Wow Grandma!  That water wheel is pretty cool.

I love my new toy mommy.

Can I spin it myself?

This is so cool!

These little people are funny....

Thanks for bringing my bath cups out mom.

Seriously, this is so much fun, I can't stand it!


  1. She is so cute! Water tables are fun. :)

  2. I MOVED

  3. That looks like so much fun! I swear it's not warm enough here to get a water table. Well, maybe for like 2 months and then it'd just be stored. And she looks beautiful with her tan. Poor Cora will probably never have one (partly due to where we live, but mostly due to having inherited my WHITE tanless skin!)

  4. I've been eyeing that table because of Ellie too!