Saturday, May 26, 2012

Catching Up! (again)

Look who's decided to join the world of blogging after nearly a week? I swear, that wasn't a planned break. But I can't promise there won't be more. I was so proud of myself for keeping up with the blog for the longest time, and I've really been slacking lately. And it definitely isn't for a lack of things to say! I've had about a million things I could write about, but not the time or energy to do it. I'll get better, I promise. Some day.

Kennedy becomes more and more of a toddler every day, and I'm absolutely loving this age. She is exploring everything around her and learning so much. Although she isn't talking in full sentences or using very many words yet, she gets her point across and she is definitely understanding what we communicate to her. If you ask her to come to you, she will. Tonight, I asked her to go see daddy and she went off to hunt him down in the kitchen. She is understanding more and more commands, especially when it comes to play time. When I ask her to choose a certain toy, or a certain color ball or block, she does. When I ask her to put the ball in the toy, she does. And when you tell her good job, she claps for herself. It's really adorable. One of her favorite games is to follow you all over the house, playing peekaboo behind random walls or pieces of furniture. It's apparently the most hysterical thing. Ever.

Our transition with Physical Therapy providers has been wonderful. Kennedy really enjoys working with Miss Holly, and mommy enjoys the fact that Miss Holly comes to our house, instead of us driving 40 minutes each way. We're hoping to incorporate speech therapy in the next week or two, and if I'm really lucky I'll find someone privately who will also do in-home therapy. After all, will I get anywhere on time once Caleb is born?

Kennedy also had her 15 month well baby appointment this week. I'm happy to report that we are holding on to the typical growth charts at 29 inches and 18lbs 11oz! She's still a peanut in comparison to most kids her age. In fact, 95-97% are bigger than her. But regardless of what size other kids are, my little girl is getting so big! She checked out perfectly and the doctor was really pleased with how well she is doing with her milestones and how well she eats!

Here's a few cell phone pics from the week. I promise, better pictures soon to come.

Mommy, I love pool days. I'm a Florida girl. Just check out my tan.

Mom!!! Don't take a picture of me eating my cookie! And I can't believe you brought me to the store with my piggies looking like this.

Sometimes you just need a late afternoon cat nap.

This really isn't the same as the big pool, but I guess I'll deal. But mom, if you're going to keep getting in, we're going to need a bigger pool!

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