Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy 15 Months!!!

It's almost unimaginable that it was 15 months ago I was sitting in the NICU holding my sweet baby girl, trying to comprehend the days' events. And now here we are. Life gets better every day, though I will admit, also a bit more exhausting! Kennedy has really taken off in new skills the past few weeks. Every day she surprises me with something new!

I thought to celebrate her 15 month birthday I'd share some fun facts about the little diva herself.

1. Favorite Foods: Tacos, beans and rice, chicken, mashed potatoes, Cheerios, pancakes, and meatballs.

2. Favorite Outdoor Activities: Swinging, swimming and her water table.

3. Favorite Book: You're My Little Lovebug

4. Favorite Song: Itsy Bitsy Spider

5. Number of Teeth: TWO of them on their way in. We woke up today with another one that's really poked through.

6. Latest Accomplishments: Pulling up, cruising - if there something really good, that she probably shouldn't have, out of reach. Pointing.

7. Words: Mama, dada, and what we call her Baby Gaga language. It closely resembles a Lady Gaga song, and I always think it sounds like there are words in there, even though they aren't quite appropriate.

8. Favorite Store: Carter's or Toys R Us

9. Favorite Toys: Fisher Price Sing Along Stage, Fisher Price Laugh and Learn House, Busy Town cube, her musical instruments, mommy's iPad, mommy's iPhone, anything electronic or anything that she's not supposed to have.

10. Favorite Games: Peekaboo, crawling away from mommy and daddy while getting dressed or changed (and laughing as she goes).

11. Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere with a beach. Hilton Head specifically. Or Orlando, since they have good pools and shopping.

12. Dislikes: Long car rides, cold weather, the word no, getting dressed, sleeping and eggs.

13. Loves: Breast milk, ice cream, animals, play dates, shopping, eating out and hotels.

14. Favorite Animals: Dolphins, monkeys, and sting rays.

15. Kennedy loves to give mama kisses but when it comes to giving daddy kisses she gets shy and bashful. She turns her head away and laughs.

Happy 15 months baby girl!!!!

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