Thursday, January 24, 2013

In True Kennedy Fashion....

As usual, as soon as I start stressing, and making a big deal out of things, Kennedy decides to show off.  Speech has been our biggest challenge for awhile now.  Partially because she has been so motor focused for so long.  Her new Developmental Therapist was just amazed with her motor skills, and tried to reassure me that when kids make so much progress in motor skills everything else tends to come to a halt because they are so busy.  Just when I thought she would be saying mama, dada and bye, forever, she's started saying, "hi."  I feel like we're moving in the right direction.  As usual, she only says it when she wants to.  I tried getting her to repeat it for me tonight at dinner.  But every time I said, "Hi!" she said, "Bye!"  She thought it was hysterical.  And then she stopped saying bye.  Every time I said "hi" after that she would put her hand to her ear as if she was talking on the phone, FINALLY she said hi.  Seriously.  This kid is hysterical, even when she's getting 4 incisors.  Or maybe it was the Motrin.  Hopefully we'll start making more progress in the speech department soon!

Hey Grandma, you don't mind if I have some all of your fries, do you?

Yeah, this whole winter thing? It sucks. I want my bikini back.

Here Caleb, let me show you how this works. 

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